End of Year Concert

Main St Funk Students work towards a spectacular show in December each year. Students experience the thrill of performing in a professional theatre with lights and costumes while showing off their achievements to family and friends in the audience.

MSF Dancers also participate in their very own professional photoshoot. Every dancer will have a moment in the spotlight and the chance to feel like a supermodel for the day!

Mid-Year Performances

Towards the end of Term 2, we have a mid-year performance. This is more relaxed than the end of year with no costumes or lights- a great low-pressure way for students to practise performing for an audience and recognise their progression through the year.

Community Performances

We just ❤️ getting out and dancing in our community! Main St funk is invited to a number of community events throughout the year and we offer these as a great optional performance opportunity for all students to gain experience on stage as often as they can. There are no exclusive performance groups, all students are given equal opportunity at Main St Funk.