2022 End of Year Concert Info

The annual end of year performance is an amazing opportunity for all of our dancers who get to experience the thrill of performing on a professional stage, in front of an audience, in costume! It is their moment to shine and showcase all of their hard work and talent in front of their family and friends. There is such a buzz in the air during concert season and at Main St Funk we pride ourselves on being highly organised and prepared, to ensure a positive experience for all.

The end of year performance will be held on the first weekend of December, at The Magis Theatre located within Loyola Secondary College on Grimshaw St, Watsonia. This theatre is a state of the art facility, seating an audience of 500 and boasting professional stage lighting to give our show an extra spark.

To accommodate our large and ever-growing dance fam, we hold 3 separate end of year performances. The school is divided into 3 concert groups, which means that all students, with the exception of our teens and seniors, perform in just one show only. Please view the list below to see you/your child’s allocated concert group, performance date and compulsory theatre rehearsal date.

What is the compulsory theatre rehearsal?

Main St Funk only hold only one compulsory event in the whole year! The theatre rehearsal, held in the weeks prior to the concert, is a strict requirement for all students who wish to participate in the end of year concert.

Why is it compulsory? This rehearsal is the only opportunity the students have to practice their routines on stage, before the big show. A theatre can be a big and daunting place for a little person. The rehearsal ensures all students feel safe and in familiar surroundings when they arrive on their concert day. Professional theatres cost thousands of dollars a day to hire and our students having access to the theatre prior to their performance is an absolute privilege that comes at no extra cost to our students. At Main St Funk our priority is to give every student a positive experience on concert day. This compulsory rehearsal aids us in doing so.

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