Covid Safe Plan

MSF CovidSafe Practises – Updated April 2022.

Enrolling, attending class or visiting the MSF studio indicates that you have read, understood and agree to comply with the MSF covidsafe policies and procedures listed below, so please ensure you have thoroughly read this document and if you need to clarify anything, please ask.

We are excited to get back to class and the fun, energy and friendly faces you remember from MSF haven’t changed. However, there are some things that you will need to commit to doing differently in and around the studio, so it’s important that you understand what these mean for you and talk to your child about it before returning to class.

This document outlines the practises Main St Funk will implement as we return to in-studio classes.

These practices ensure we comply with the current Victorian Government Restricted Activity Directions. We have also implemented additional measures to ensure we are doing everything we practically can to protect the health and peace of mind of our community.  These align with recommendations from industry bodies relevant to our business. We will update this plan from time to time in line with DHHS requirements and industry advice.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Students are asked to clean their hands
    • Before and after class
    • After using the toilet, sneezing or using a tissue
    • Teachers may request your child clean their hands during class where appropriate.
  • We will ensure hand sanitiser and hand soap is readily available

Please do not attend the studio if:

  • You are unwell in any way
  • You’ve been identified as a close contact of COVID-19
  • You’ve been advised to self-isolate
  • You or anyone in your household is waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test
  • This applies to ANYONE attending the studio for any reason: Students, parents, siblings, and staff.
  • If your child becomes visibly unwell during class we will ask them to separate from the rest of the group and call you to collect them.


We have increased our regular cleaning schedule to include:

  • Teachers will sanitize between each class: Disinfecting the Barre, door handle and stair bannister (if used)
  • MSF team will thoroughly clean the whole facility daily before classes commence and additionally as needed.
  • The studio will be professionally cleaned twice weekly.

Contact Tracing

  • MSF teachers will be vigilant about role marking to ensure we always know exactly who has attended class
  • Parents staying at the studio will need to sign in and sign out via QR CODE.
  • Please call ahead if you wish to visit the studio outside of your enrolled class times
  • In the event that a case of COVID-19 is identified at Main St Funk we will comply with any and all directions given to us by the Department of Health and Human Services. This may include providing your contact details for contact tracing purposes. 

 What’s changed as of April 2022?

  • TEMP CHECKS: Are no longer required for students or parents. If you/your child are not well, please do not attend the studio.
  • DENSITY LIMITS: Are no longer in place in physical recreation facilities but please try to be mindful and don’t bring anyone to the studio who doesn’t need to be there.
  • CHECK IN: No longer required
  • FACE MASKS: Optional
  • VACCINATION CERTIFICATES: We are not required to check vaccination certificates


Minimise contact around the studio:

Clean hands:
Before and After class
After the toilet, sneezing or using a tissue
Whenever asked by your teacher

Stay home if:
Unwell at all
Tested for, or in contact with, COVID-19
Advised to self-isolate

During class:
Spread out
Keep your distance
Hands to yourself

We thank you for taking the time to read and cooperate with our new safety and hygiene standards. We understand that for some parents and children, these will be a big adjustment. We will, as always, do our best to ensure you and your children feel safe and comfortable whilst in our facility.

Enrolling, attending class or visiting the MSF studio indicates that you have read, understood and agree to comply with the MSF covidsafe policies and procedures.