Uniform Guidelines


When attending dance class it is important to wear the correct attire and shoes to ensure that you get the most out of your class. It is expected that all students comply with the uniform requirements as it promotes team unity and equality, allows free movement without restrictions and reduces the risk of injury. February will be seen as a grace period to give families the time to find and purchase their shoes and attire. Uniform will be enforced as of Term 1, Week 5. MSF encourage you to check out Energetiks Factory Outlet, Target, Kmart, Best and Less and eBay for less expensive options.

MINI, TINY, LITTLIE, AND JUNIOR; BALLET AND CONTEMPORARY: Students attending Ballet and Contemporary classes are asked to wear a black ballet leotard with pink ballet tights. Ballet shoes are required and hair should be pulled back off the face into a slick ballet bun to limit distractions. Black ballet skirts and black ballet crossovers are optional. “Jiffies” are not permitted.

TINY, LITTLIE, AND JUNIOR JAZZ: Tightly fitted dancewear is necessary for jazz dance class. Students will be required to wear a black leotard, black jazz shoes, and flesh-colored jazz tights. Tight fitted black dance shorts or bike shorts or plain black full-length leggings are optional. Hair to be tied in a slick, tight ponytail.

INTER, TEEN AND SENIOR; BALLET, CONTEMPORARY AND JAZZ: Students participating in technical styles are required to wear firm fitting black leggings and a black leotard or firm fitting black singlet. No baggy clothing will be permitted in these classes. Fitted, black, long sleeve tops are permitted in winter. Students will also require the appropriate shoes for class i.e pink leather or canvas ballet shoes, black leather jazz shoes and bare feet for contemporary. Hair should be pulled back into a ponytail.

HIP HOP: Free, loose clothing and supportive sneakers/runners eg: track pants and t-shirt or leggings and t-shirt. No shorts, skirts or denim, please. Students will be required to have their own plain black, hi top, sneaker boots for performances. Hair should be pulled into a ponytail.

HAIR: For hip hop and jazz, hair should always be slicked back into a neat ponytail to limit distractions and a slick ballet bun is required for all ballet classes.

COMPULSORY T-SHIRT: Main St Funk have their very own funky t-shirt that is compulsory for all students as they are worn for the mid-year performance, the end of year concert and any performance opportunities throughout the year. It is an affordable $30, is great quality and is perfect for hip hop class. Orders can be made in Term 1 and Term 2.

MSF MERCH: MSF Hoodies are also available (not compulsory) and are a great way to keep warm to and from dance class in the winter terms along with our super cute MSF Jojo bows! More MSF merchandise will be introduced in 2019 – stay tuned!