Hot Weather Policy

Term 1 and Term 4 are notorious for scorching hot days, so Main St Funk have a policy in place to ensure the well-being and enjoyment of all of our students and teachers.  We also have some guidelines we recommend you follow to ensure peace of mind and comfort for you and/or your child.


This policy is based on the current temperature at 3pm for afternoon classes, or forecast temperature for 9am for morning classes.

38+ – Classes cancelled

On days where the temperature is 38 degrees or above, classes will be cancelled. Students/Parents will be notified via text, email and social media at the earliest possible time. Makeup classes will be offered where possible, but refunds will not be available.

33+ – Modified classes

On days where the temperature is 33 degrees or above, we will run modified classes appropriate for the heat. Depending on the age-group and style, this might include:

  • Running combined classes in the downstairs studio only
  • A lower-energy class with focus on stretching, technique, theory
  • A shorter class (eg: 45 minute classes may be shortened to 30 mins)

32 or less: Classes will run at normal times in their assigned studios



  • Run a less intense class. Dance and skills will be broken up with dancing related activities that are less strenuous i.e. theory work, a long stretch, yoga, read a ballet story. This will give our students a chance to breathe and relax while still learning and experiencing the benefits of a great class.
  • Give longer and more frequent drink breaks
  • Relax uniform expectations (eg no tights for ballet)
  • Run the air conditioning, large portable cooling systems and industrial-sized fans in both studios before and during class.


  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water during the day leading up to class time. Steer clear of caffeine and sugary drinks – consider hydrolite if you want extra hydration.
  • Bring lots of water to class, refrigerated or frozen. A large 1-litre bottle is ideal or bring two drink bottles.
  • Pack a wet towel in a snaplock bag for your child to dab on their face during class.
  • Take it easy and come into class calm and relaxed. Silliness, running around and extra exercise all draw on your energy.
  • Bring “wet snacks” i.e. (grapes, watermelon, apple) especially if you are doing multiple classes or coming straight from school.
  • Use our fridge. Fill it with water and snacks but please don’t help yourself to what isn’t yours.
  • Parents, consider “drop and go”. Our parent lounge can become warm with lots of bodies.
  • Listen to your body and be forgiving. Don’t push through if you are feeling unwell. Dancers who are notorious for working hard may feel under pressure to “keep going”. Slowing down doesn’t make you lazy.
  • Speak up if you are not feeling well, need a drink or need to slow down. Tell your teacher so that they can look after you. Look out for your friends too.
  • Be kind to your teachers. They feel the heat too and will often run up to 4 dance classes back to back on the one day.

No matter the season, you and your child’s health, safety and happiness will always be our first priority at Main St Funk. We look forward to dancing with you, all year long!

Happy Dancing
The MSF Team