Main St Funk Dance School Lalor believe dance competitions can be an encouraging learning environment. Being part of a comp crew promotes team unity, confidence and is an opportunity to experience the thrill of performing in front of a new audience. Dance competitions allow MSF choreographers and students to learn and grow from feedback given by dance industry professionals. Main St Funk do not condone in house competitiveness or bad sportsmanship of any kind. When participating in comps The MSF Kids will be encouraged to have fun, make new friends and learn from their time as a performer and as an audience member. Crew members must participate in at least ONE other class (hip hop preferred) however it is recommended that students also participate in a technical class (ballet/contemporary or jazz). As a crew member, you are expected to be fully committed to your team. This means attending all classes and you must be available for ALL competitions. More info on dates coming soon. If you are interested in joining an MSF Comp Crew in 2017, please register your interest below.