Main St Funk’s 15th Birthday Party

Hey Dance Fam,

Now that we are finally out of the woods….LET’S CELEBRATE!! 

In 2021, Main St Funk turned 15 and since we aren’t having a concert this year, we want to throw an EPIC BIRTHDAY PARTY. There’s no one we would rather party with than our gorgeous students so please join us to finish off 2021 with a bang.

WHEN: Sunday, December 12th

WHERE: Our new studio. 1/27 Graystone Court Epping VIC 3076

TIME: 11am – 1pm

WEAR: Your most fabulous and funky party outfit

COST: $10per student

The day will include fun party games, jumping castle, dancing, hot food and a treat for each guest and, we might have an appearance from a very special visitor.

Due to limits on space, this is a KIDS ONLY EVENT. Parents please drop and go at the door and enjoy some time to yourself. We recommend Nina’s Cuccina for a coffee and bite to eat or why not squeeze in some Christmas shopping while the kids are entertained?

A gentle reminder, students aged 12 years + 2 months old and older, are required to be fully vaccinated to attend.

This is a ticketed event. To book your child’s ticket, click this link:

To inform us of any dietary requirements  eg. dairy or gluten intolerance, please email


Let’s see out 2021 in our happy place, with our dancing fam.


Hello Dance Family,

Woohoo! It’s finally time to set foot on our brand new dance floors and for us to welcome our dancers into our new home. Before re-enrolling into your classes, please read all of the info below.


  • Classes will continue on Zoom this week; Wed 27, Thurs 28 and Sat 30th of October
  • No classes will run from October 31st – November 7th
  • Face to face classes will run at our new studio from Monday, November 8th


  • We hope to run our full studio timetable (as it was pre-lockdown). However, this will be subject to change based on enrollment numbers
  • If you are planning on returning to dance this year, please re-enrol via the parent portal after reading the below information, by Friday, November 5th.
  • Please note, you did not have to participate in online dance classes in order to return to the studio. 


  • It is a legal requirement that all patrons 16 years and older are double vaccinated against covid-19.
  • This includes Staff, dance teachers, students and parents/carers…anyone entering the venue.
  • Students under the age of 16, are not required to be vaccinated to participate at this stage.
  • We are required to check Covid-19 vaccine certificates via QR code check-in when you enter the studio.


  • If you are a student over the age of 16 and are not fully vaccinated, you will not be able to participate in a dance class for now.
  • If your child is a student under the age of 16 and they are not fully vaccinated, they can still participate in class for now.
  • If you are a parent/carer/sibling etc. and you are not fully vaccinated, you can drop your child at the door of the studio but you are not permitted inside the venue, for now. This includes all age groups, including Petites and Minis.
  • If you/your child have a formal medical exemption from receiving the vaccine, please contact us, in writing, before enrolling in a dance class. All information provided to MSF is kept in the strictest of confidence.

Please understand, these are not rules decided by Main St Funk, they are requirements that we are legally obliged to have in place as a business. We, as humans, understand the abnormality of this situation and the difficult decisions some families have had to make because of personal or medical reasons. As humans, we don’t judge you but as a business, we simply cannot afford the fines or the fall out from not meeting our professional obligations. If you cannot join us this year, we hope to welcome you back to the studio one day in the future. Once an MSF Kid, always an MSF Kid.


  • Masks are mandatory for all staff, students and patrons (parents/carers/siblings etc) entering the venue, who are over the age of 12.
  • Masks can be removed whilst dancing.
  • QR Check-ins are mandatory for all patrons upon entry into the studio
  • Covid-19 Vaccine Certificates will be checked upon check-in
  • MSF will adhere to density requirements (4sqm per person) until no longer required (nov 24th).
  • Sanitiser will be provided as always
  • Social distancing will be encouraged

If you would like to return to dance this year and you understand and agree to what is required of you and of Main St Funk, to ensure we are operating in line with the government directives, please take the time to re-enrol into your class/es.


1. Login to the MSF portal:

2. Click “Register for Classes” to choose your class of choice

3. If you don’t see your classes of choice online, please email us and we will help you out.

We understand this may be a confusing or overwhelming time for many but rest assured we plan to make your return to dance exciting and fun. We know there is a lot of change to adapt to at the moment, but we hope our returning dancers will feel the familiarity of being a part of our big dancing family as we welcome them home to our new studio.

If you have any questions or concerns, please put them in writing to  

Looking forward to seeing you all soon at our new address 1/27 Graystone Court Epping 3076.

The MSF Team

Returning to dance survey.

Hey Dance Fam,

Well, the countdown is on! We’ve danced our way along the roadmap and it’s nearly time for us to open the doors to our brand new studio! Our projected opening date is Monday, November 8th.

The update since our last newsletter is that…there is no update! 

  • The dance school industry is still seeking clarification on what restrictions will be in place when we return to the studio. 
  • We are waiting on confirmation of restricted class numbers, restricted number of patrons (parents) in the venue, restricted audience capacity for performances and requirements in regards to the vaccination status of our clientele.
  • We do intend to run in line with the government health directives and the chief health officer’s advice.
  • We will adhere to any legal requirements imposed on our business.

With the lack of clarity, it is very difficult for small businesses, but especially businesses like ours, to plan a re-opening.

What would help us immensely would be knowing what YOUR plans are. We would really appreciate it if you could fill out our super quick survey to let us know your dancing intentions. Even if you are not sure yet or have decided not to return this year, please still take the time to let us know. It will help us plan our timetable, classes and possible performance opportunities for the remainder of 2021. 

Fill out the survey here: Siblings, please fill out separate forms.

Thank you once again for your ongoing support during this time, we hope we have well and truly conquered this mountain. Onwards and upwards from here!!

The MSF Team

Roadmap back to Main St Funk

Hi everyone,

We hope you are enjoying your school holidays. We are just touching base to let you all know what’s happening at Main St Funk in term 4 and our proposed roadmap to the new studio!


  • Term 4 Part 1 will run online via zoom from Tuesday, October 5th – Saturday, October 30th
  • In these zoom classes, students will learn a fun routine, with the intention to perform it in some capacity at the end of the year.
  • To participate in these zoom classes, you will need to enrol online via the portal:
  • The cost for Term 4 Part 1 will be $65 for the part term, per class. All of our usual multi-class discounts will apply
  • For example, If you enrol in Ballet only, it will be $65 for the four weeks. If you enrol in Ballet and Hip Hop it will be $117 for the four weeks ($130 minus 10% multi- class discount).
  • We have adjusted our zoom timetable slightly, please see below.


  • Classes will not run online or in-person from Monday, November 1st – Saturday, November 6th
  • This gives all staff and students a chance to relax and refresh, ready to return to the studio and hit the ground running!!


  • The projected date to return to the studio, based on the current roadmap, is Monday, November 8th.
  • We hope to run our original, full studio timetable. This will depend on restrictions and enrollment numbers.


  • We intend to ensure The MSF Kids are given the opportunity to perform and show off their hard work at the end of term 4.
  • Whether this is a live performance or a digital performance, will depend on restrictions but we are positive that we can make this the exciting and special event that our students so deserve.
  • Students will spend Term 4 Part 2 finishing and refining the dances that they had been learning in the studio throughout the year.
  • Each class will have at least one routine to perform and of course, an amazing costume to wear to make it that extra special.


  • The dance school industry is seeking clarification on what restrictions will be in place when we return to the studio. 
  • We are waiting on confirmation of restricted class numbers, restricted number of patrons (parents) in the venue, restricted audience capacity for performances and requirements in regards to the vaccination status of our clientele.
  • We do intend to run in line with the government health directives and the chief health officer’s advice.
  • We will adhere to any legal requirements imposed on our business.

While there are still quite a few unknowns, we do know one thing for sure. We are determined to finish 2021 off with a bang and give these kids the dance experience they deserve. Our number 1 priority as we head into term 4 is to ensure that each dancer feels like they have something to look forward to, something to work towards, a reason to feel special and a chance to have their moment in the spotlight.

Please enrol now for Term 4 Part 1 on Zoom and we will be in touch shortly when we know more about Term 4 Part 2.

Can’t wait to see you all!
The MSF Team.

Enrol here:

Dance Movies and Musicals to watch in Lockdown

Well, as those of you who have known me for a while might know, when I’m not dance teaching or at the studio, I’m famous for being quite the couch potato. One thing I love doing is watching dance movies and musicals and I always find I feel a little bit pumped and excited about dance after watching one.

Well, we have all been doing some couch potatoing in lockdown lately and some of us are feeling a little bit flat about dance. So I have compiled a little list of some great dance movies and musicals I think you will all enjoy and they might spark some inspiration for the kids of MSF.

In no particular order…

  1. Camilla Cabello Cinderella (2021)
    A modern take on the classic tale, the soundtrack is epic and had me wanting to sing and dance the whole time. I love the mix of original and old songs and there is some fabulous dance choreography too. The modern twist on the storyline and the outspoken female leads are more relevant to 2021 and arguably this Cinderella makes for a better role model than the original. Some die hard disney fans have said this film is “too woke” but I think it is fabulous and just what our generation of strong willed princesses need.
  2. The Prom (2020)
    A group of self-obsessed and out of work Broadway stars with huge personalities shake things up when they visit a conservative town in Indiana on a mission. The storyline faces some big topics not usually addressed by traditional and classic musicals and it teaches some good lessons about acceptance. Since watching this star-studded musical last year, I have had the soundtrack on repeat!
  3. First Position (2011)
    This documentary follows the lives of 6 young, real life ballerinas as they prepare to perform at the Youth America Grand Prix, a global ballet competition. This doco is a real eye opener and show cases just how much hard work, dedication and commitment it takes to make it in the world of ballet. I would LOVE for all of our ballet students to watch this one. I have seen it multiple times and I am always left in awe (and in tears).
  4. Work It (2020)
    While the story line for this one is a tiny bit predictable, it’s still a fun watch and showcases some great choreography. It highlights the fact that it is never too late to start dance, if it’s what you want to do and that you don’t need to look or act a certain way to be a dancer…which is what we’re all about here at Main St Funk.
  5. Feel the Beat (2020)
    After crashing and burning due to some poor decision making (and not poor dancing), a professional dancer returns home and is recruited by her childhood dance school to teach a group of recreational dancers and to prepare them for a competition. A fun watch with an emphasise on starting fresh, team work, inclusion and having fun, this is a great movie for the whole family. You’ll feel inspired and have a few giggles too.
  6. Hairspray (2007)
    Set in the early 1960’s, on the surface this light hearted and fun musical is simply about Tracy Turnblad, a teenager who loves to dance and wants to score a performing role on “The Corny Collins Show” – a local teen dance show that airs on tv every day after school. However, at the heart of the storyline, Tracy and her friends face racial discrimination, body image issues and bullies. This musical is famous for a reason and definitely worth watching. A warning for the grown ups in the house though, this soundtrack will be played over and over and over again! So, if you’re looking for something to replace Frozen’s “Let It Go”, Hairspray is where you’ll find it.
  7. Billy Elliot (2000)
    An 11-year-old boy takes up ballet in secret while his dad believes he is at boxing training. The local dance teacher discovers that Billy is truly gifted and could have a real future in ballet. This story tackles the notion that “boys don’t dance” during the 1980’s. It’s a beautiful story but it does have some darker moments so some grown ups near by would be a good idea for our younger dancers. Don’t worry, grown ups will love this one too and I would especially hope our young male dancers give this flick a try.
  8. Ballerina (2016)
    Starring Maddie Zeigler (from Dance Moms), a poor orphan girl dreams of becoming a ballerina but has had no formal training. After escaping the orphanage she has grown up in, she assumes the identity of Camille, a nasty young girl who was accepted into the Paris Opera Ballet School. Soon her lie is discovered but with grit, determination and a few hard lessons learned, she is eventually able to fulfill her ballet dreams. A beautiful, animated story set in Paris in the 1880’s and a reminder that it is passion and heart that set great dancers apart.
  9. Moulin Rouge (2001)
    Moulin Rouge is truly a fantastic movie, whether you are into musicals or not. While it is probably geared to an older age group, I did see this one the year it came out at 8 years old and I loved it then as much as I love it now. I even had the soundtrack on CD! (Remember CDs??) The storyline is complex but dancers of all ages will appreciate the huge, cinematic dance numbers. Fun fact, many of the amazing dancers in the cast are Australian, including; Sue Allen Shook, Luke Alleva, Deon Nuku and Andrew Micallef, all of whom I have had the pleasure of training with and learning from when I was studying dance fulltime.
  10. Strictly Ballroom (1992)
    A timeless aussie classic starring Paul Mercurio and Sonia Kruger – need I say more? While ballroom isn’t on our agenda here at MSF, this movie is an all time fave and has our family in stitches every time we watch it. It’s a dance movie even my dad enjoys. And often if you find Kristie, Carla and I sniggering in the corner or doing that embarrassing silent laugh, you can bet we are quoting Strictly Ballroom. If you’re not convinced, I’ll just say this – Are you really an aussie dancer if you haven’t seen Strictly Ballroom?

These movies are just a drop in the ocean when it comes to the amazing dance movies and musicals that are out there and I won’t say they are my “top 10” because I’m not discriminatory when it comes to dance flicks. I love them all equally! Seriously. There is not one out there I don’t like. But just writing these out makes me feel like I just want to watch them all, all over again! If only I had the time… *wink emoji*.

I hope you get a chance to have a dance movie night or a dance movie marathon sometime this lockdown. Let me know what you watch and what you think!

Chloe Jobson – Couch Potato and Co-Owner of Main St Funk

Step into Sep – Social Media Challenge

Let’s Step into Sep! 🕺

Well, we have spent more days away from the studio than we have in it! And, even though we don’t have access to our dance floor, we want to keep the MSF kids moving, grooving, engaged and excited about dance. 🤗

For the month of September, we have planned a different activity that you can do at home, for each day. These activities are laid back and are designed to be fun and creative. Do one or do them all! Do them in your own time and feel free to get siblings or other family members involved. 🥰

Once you’ve completed an activity, don’t forget to take a photo or video, upload to your social media and tag @mainstfunk #msfathome so that we can see who’s getting involved and having fun! 👏

Please see the next week of activities below.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos and videos! 💪🏻

The MSF Team. 🧡

How to stay enthusiastic during lockdown.

Hi Dance Fam,

Welcome to lockdown day number 211! Although it feels like day 2011. It’s no secret that these restrictions have gone over and beyond whatever we expected. I naively remember thinking back in March 2020 that it would just be a “few weeks”. Goodness me is there egg on my face!

This is just a little post to check in and let you know that despite not seeing you in person for so long, The MSF Team miss you all dearly. While yes, teaching dance is our job, our students mean so much more to us than just work. They are our passion, our “why” and our greatest acheivement.

Even though times are tough, the MSF team are committed to their students and we will continue to do everything we can to keep the MSF kids engaged and active. We also want to make sure that each of you still feel a part of our community. Even if we haven’t seen you in weeks or months, we want you to know that you are valued, missed and invited to be included in any of our online activities in any way you can. “Once an MSF Kid always an MSF kid” – is our motto in times like this.

If you or your child are feeling a little disconnected from the MSF world, here are some ways to get back in touch with your inner dancer and re-ignite the MSF spirit.

    Our online zoom classes are fun and casual. We purposely don’t practice concert routines to ensure that every student can join in when, and if, they have the capacity to, without feeling like they have fallen behind or need to catch up. Our zoom classes include working on skills, technique, fun choreography, dance games, dress up weeks and more! It’s a great way to connect with the outside world, to see your dance friends and teachers and to keep active.
    These are pre-recorded and are designed as “copy and follow along” style practice videos. They are available at any time which means you don’t need to commit to a scheduled class time. You can jump on whenever you feel motivated to move and they are recorded in the MSF studio so you will still see some familiar faces!
    Our gorgeous assistant teacher Summer who our younger students all adore, took it upon herself to create a few YouTube tutorials for our Petite and Mini dancers, to keep them moving during lockdown. They are perfect for our youngest dancers.
    MSF have planned a fun and easy, dance-based activity for everyday in September. Do one or do them all! Do them in your own time and even as a family but don’t forget to upload and tag @mainstfunk so we can see you getting involved. Keep an eye on your emails tomorrow (August 31st) for the first week of activities.
    We post on social media often to keep the kids excited, engaged and inspired to dance. We include videos and photos from class, “flashbacks” to previous performances and events, interactive polls and games and lately, sneak-peeks of our brand new venue. We also have a private fb group, exclusive to Main St Funk parents and students. It’s a great way to stay in touch.


While there are lots of ways to stay engaged and active, it is completely normal to have days (or even weeks) where you don’t have the motivation to dance, exercise or even socialise. This lockdown has taken a toll on many people, including our vulnerable children and even our staff. This doesn’t mean they have lost the passion for dance or that they will feel this way forever. On these days it’s important to listen to your mind and body. Rest and take time out when you need. A great way to keep the dancing spirit alive on these days, is to watch MSF dancing concerts from previous years, watch a dance related movie or series on Netflix or even watching some dance videos on YouTube can wake up your inner dancer. Main St Funk has a YouTube channel too!

Remember, the studio might be closed but Main St Funk is still open online, dance is not cancelled!

MSF Online Dance School – Lockdown 6.0

Dear dance family,

We cannot believe we are typing this out again. Main St Funk will be closed for the duration of Lockdown 6 but we will remain open virtually and offer you unlimited online classes.

As we did during lockdown 4, we will run an adjusted timetable with some age groups combined.

Classes will be planned to be fun, engaging and without the pressure of remembering routines, although we may practice our concert dances a few times so that we don’t forget them! With the exception of our senior students and teen students who will continue working with their concert work.

Students will be invited to take any/all classes available to their age group. For example, if your child usually does hip hop but during lockdown would like to also do jazz and ballet for the sake of keeping active, they are welcome to.

We hope all students will take up this offer to continue their dance training and stay connected with their dancing community, even if it is just a short circuit breaker lockdown. 

This is not where we wanted to be, but our amazing and resilient MSF kids know what to do…keep your heads up and keep dancing, onwards and upwards.

Please see the timetable below. Zoom link and passwords will be sent out each day but HINT: They are the same for every class!


Saturday 9.30-10.00 Fairy Petites/Mini Ballet 

Saturday 10.00-10.30 Funky Petites/Mini Hip Hop

Saturday 10.30-11.15 Tiny/Littlie Hip Hop

Monday 4.15-4.45 Funky Petites/Mini Hip Hop

Monday 4.45-5.15 Fairy Petites/Mini Ballet

Monday 5.15-6.00 Junior/Inter Ballet/Contemp

Tuesday 4.15-5.00 Tiny/Littlie Hip Hop 

Tuesday 5.00-5.45 Tiny/Littlie Ballet

Tuesday 5.45-6.30 Tiny/Littlie Jazz

Wednesday 4.30-5.15pm Tiny/Littlie Hip Hop

Wednesday 5.15-6.00pm Junior/Inter Hip Hop

Wednesday 6.00-6.45pm Junior/Inter Jazz

Wednesday 6.45-7.30pm Teen Jazz Concert Work

Wednesday 7.30-8.15pm Teen Hip Hop Concert Work

Thursday 6.00pm Open Age Contemporary Concert Work

Thursday 6.45pm Senior Hip Hop Concert Work

Thursday 7.30pm Senior Hip Hop Concert Work


Hi Main St Funk Family,

We are back at the studio this week and things might look a little bit different. Our mirrors and barres have disappeared because….

Main St Funk is moving!! We are saying goodbye to our studio at Lydia Court and relocating to a brand new facility just 5 minutes away, in Epping.

While we love our Lydia Crt studio, and never expected to be moving on so soon, all of the disruption over the last two years has given us clarity about what is important to us and what we really want for our students and their families.

So spurred by the loyalty and positivity you have shown us throughout Covid, we decided there is no time like the present!

All classes will continue at Lydia Court for the time being, but we are putting the finishing touches on our new home and will be opening in the coming weeks.


When we knew it was time to find a new home for Main St Funk we had two priorities. 

  • To ensure our students, parents and staff could come and go from the studio safely and with ease and convenience.
  • To create a space that matches the culture of our school; fun, professional, warm, inviting and welcoming to all.

In our new home you will find:

  • Easy Access – We are right on the street, with easy vehicle and pedestrian access and plenty of onsite and on-street parking
  • Creature Comforts – A beautifully spacious foyer and lounge with heating, cooling, two toilets and generous viewing space for MSF families to enjoy. We are also excited about the extra storage!
  • Beautiful Dance Spaces – Two bigger, light-filled studios, with upgraded dance floors, and of course our mirrors and barres. 

There’s so much more to it and we can’t wait for you to see it for yourselves!

While we are sad to say goodbye to our Lydia Court studio, we know that the time is right. We hope that this new adventure will spark some much-needed joy and excitement in our dancers and give them something to look forward to as they continue their dancing journey at MSF.

We can’t wait for you all to feel at home in our new space but until then, see you at Lydia Court.

We will be in touch with our new address soon!

The MSF Team x

Returning to the studio – July 28

Hi Main St Funk Members,

Thank you once again for your patience, understanding and support during this difficult and confusing time.

We are relieved to confirm that we will be returning to the studio from tomorrow Wednesday, July 28. We will be back to our regular class days and times with a few exceptions.

RULE ABOUT CLASS SIZES: The latest announcements stipulate that dance classes are once again limited to a maximum of 10 students per class. This rule will affect a number of our classes but just as we did last time, we will be asking for your flexibility, to assist us in ensuring every child can come back to the studio. We will touch base with each affected class separately.

If your child is in any of the following classes, please keep an eye out for an additional email from us about our plan going forward; Friday Mini Ballet, Friday Mini Hip Hop, Saturday Fairy Petites, Monday Junior Hip Hop, Tuesday Tiny Hip Hop, Tuesday Tiny Ballet and Tuesday Littlie Hip Hop.

TERM 3 FEES: All accounts have been adjusted to account for the missed lessons during lockdown 5.0 and fees are now due, unless you are a new student/family and you are yet to have your obligation-free trial class.

COVIDSAFE PLAN: Our covidsafe plan remains in place as it has since the beginning of the pandemic. We know it is tiresome and we really appreciate your cooperation and patience.

The short version:

  • Masks must be worn by all MSF teachers, parents and students over the age of 12 when not physically participating in a dance class.
  • The mask rule applies indoors and outdoors.
  • Drop off ON TIME, dressed for class
  • Parents, don’t stay on-premise unless your attendance is absolutely essential
  • Don’t bring anyone extra to the studio, if you can avoid it
  • Parents staying must sign in using QR code- everytime you enter the studio, regardless of how long you stay.
  • Clean your hands before and after class
  • Stay away from the studio if you are unwell or have been advised to isolate.
  • Read the full covidsafe plan here: COVIDSAFE PLAN – dance school epping

Please note, these policies are a legal requirement that our dance school must have in place in order to operate. By enrolling into a Main St Funk dance class, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to abide by our Covidsafe Plan. This not only keeps you and your peers safe but also protects our business.

CAR PARKING: Just a reminder that no cars are to drive beyond the gate into the complex. When dropping off or picking up your child, you must park your car in Lydia Court and walk down the driveway to the studio. As we mentioned before lockdown, neglecting this policy is causing distress amongst parents and students (as it is a safety hazard) and disrupting our positive relationship with our neighbours. We thank you for your ongoing cooperation with this.

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you’ve been following our social media posts, you know that we have been hinting at a very big project happening behind the scenes. We will be making a big and super exciting announcement tomorrow so keep an eye out on your emails and newsfeeds!

We are so looking forward to being back in the studio! If you have any questions, please send us an email at We will be in touch with those affected by the class capacity rule shortly.

Thank you and let’s get dancing!

The MSF Team xx