Help Save Our World.

We ALL know that this year has been anything but rainbows and butterflies. Small, and even medium and big, businesses are feeling the brunt of this global crisis.

We know that our small, suburban, family-run dance school, is just one tiny speck in our big giant planet that is currently crashing and burning. 

But the thing is, those four walls in Epping, those mirrors, that barre, the staircase and the mezzanine that we fought so hard for, the pictures your kids drew for us that are stuck up on the wall and THEM, their smiley faces, their laughs, their tears….those things are our world. Our whole world.

This is not just business for us. This is where our own kids dance. Where 14-year-old Chloe discovered a passion for teaching and eventually became “co-principal” alongside Kristie and Carla. This is where we watch our students work hard and turn into assistant teachers and then teachers themselves. This is where Nakarin felt at home. And where we celebrated his Australian citizenship. We’ve helped write resumes and provided reference letters. We’ve given advice and taken it too. We’ve celebrated all of your success and we’ve felt all of your loss. We’ve announced babies and engagements here and we’ve cried tears of joy and tears of angst too. We’ve cheered for every milestone and cheered for every milestone that was just missed. This is where we show up after the longest and hardest days and let it all go. This is where we feed our children, where we chuck our dinner in the microwave and get on with it, where we do homework, where our family shows up unannounced, where our family shows up when we need them. It’s where we have quiet cups of teas and loud, passionate “discussions ” too. Where we catch up with friends because our work and social life are all intertwined. This dance school is so much more than a small business. For one thing, it is HUGE in purpose and impact. It’s our whole world. And we hope,  at least a big part of yours or your child’s world. 

In term 1 2020, we opened our doors to our anticipated biggest year ever. MSF was thriving. Classes were full, the parent lounge wall to wall with happy, chatty, parents and kids. We felt like a full-time call centre because our phone was constantly buzzing and if we weren’t answering calls, we were replying to emails. 

Numbers were never important to us but, we did celebrate when we reached an incredible 300. 300 enthusiastic boys and girls of all ages were filling our world with even more dance and even more purpose. 

Then covid hit and in that last week, before the restrictions were announced, the studio felt eerily quiet. Not the calm before the storm but the quiet after. 

In term 2, like many dance schools and with little choice, we moved online. 85 students joined us on zoom to trial our classes and 62 enrolled…

The prospect of term 3 returning to face-to-face classes was exciting! We had held out hope that our dance family would come back to us and we were right. We had 200 kids ready to return to dance and a huge number who were waiting in the wings, riding out the wave. Then lockdown 2.0 came crashing in like a tsunami.

It’s now time for us to resume online classes and so far we have 30…30, important, special, valued individuals who will join us for class online. Just 10percent of our term 1 family.  This is the smallest student base we have ever had. Even smaller than our first year back in 2007.  

Dance family, we need you now more than ever.

The simplest way to support our dance school is to enrol into our online classes if you can afford it. This way, you are also supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of your child and their dance progression. Not only will you be making a small financial contribution to our school but you will be helping our community to stay connected, to stay as one.


We know that the structure of online learning does not suit everyone. If it’s not for your child or they are not interested, we understand. We don’t want to pressure them into doing something they don’t want to do.

We know that an overwhelming majority of our families are experiencing some form of income loss or employment loss. We don’t want you to spend money on dance classes if you can not afford to. 

What we don’t know is how far will we get, without the continued support from YOU our big, extended dance family.

So, if you won’t be continuing your dancing online, there are other ways you can show your support and help us see through this crisis to the other side.

  • Please follow and keep engaged with our Facebook and Instagram pages.
  • Please share our post about online classes (or any of our social media posts) on your Facebook and Instagram pages
  • Tag people who you think might be interested in online dancing
  • Tag people who might be interested in dancing at the studio when this is all over
  • Leave a review on our Google or Facebook page 
  • Upload a photo of you/your kids at an MSF event 

These gestures might seem small but they will make a huge difference to us. We are so grateful to every single MSF student and parent. Whether you’ve danced all the way through iso or we haven’t seen you since term 1. Even if you’ve just been keeping up to date with our emails, we are thankful. Hey, if you’ve come this far on the longest social media post ever, that says a lot!! 

We said in a recent email, this year has been a rollercoaster. And it has, but one that has broken down right before the free fall and left us hanging. Stomach-churning, heart in our throat, we are just hanging out here looking out over the world. OUR world and that’s you, our dance fam. 🧡

With lots of love, we hope to see you on the dance floor soon.

The MSF Sisters,

Kristie, Carla and Chloe. xx

MSF Live Online 2.0

Hi Dance Fam,

We hope you have all settled back into lockdown and are doing well under the circumstances. 

We are so devastated that we aren’t heading back into the studio this week but we are excited to be once again delivering our “MSF live online” classes and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue dancing with our students whilst they are safe at home.

What’s New?

    • Our new and improved zoom program will be offered to you in a 5-week block. 
    • Our condensed timetable makes it simple and easy for families. 
    • We hope our new Saturday classes will work well for students who are homeschooling and need a break from screens and learning at the end of the school day.
    • Our back to back classes will keep younger students engaged and keep the momentum going.
    • Our new “package price” means you/your family can take as many classes as you like (within your age group) for the one price.
    • See timetable and fees attached.


How it will work

  • Classes will once again be delivered online via a program called Zoom
  • The MSF teachers will lead the class and students can watch, participate and interact.
  • Classes are shorter than our studio classes to suit the at-home format
  • The movements and steps will be tailored to a smaller space.
  • We will work on some choreography over the course of the term, but we won’t be planning for concert routines- just practising and enjoying the skill of learning choreography
  • We know these can’t replicate the in-person classes you’re used to, but they’re designed to keep you dancing, progressing, thinking and MOVING as much as we can in these imperfect circumstances.

To participate, you will need:

  • Some clear, safe floor space to spread out, such as a lounge room. You might need to move furniture out of the way. Choose a “public” area of the house for supervision eg: not their bedroom.
  • A computer, tablet or phone, suitable for video calls. 
  • An HDMI cord is helpful to connect smaller screens to a larger tv screen or monitor.
  • Ballet students would benefit from access to a wall, chair or kitchen bench to use as a barre
  • Your MSF uniform and a drink bottle – to get you in the right mindset for class.

Timetable and Pricing

  • The timetable and pricing is different to our usual in-studio timetable- see attached
  • We’ve designed it to enable students to take multiple classes, even if they don’t normally, as we know lots of other activities have been cancelled or scaled back.
  • Feel free to enrol in any or all classes for your age group.
  • We have made a decision not to offer acrobatics in this format, but we encourage acro students to take a ballet/jazz class to keep progressing their foundation technique
  • We have been as generous as we possibly can in discounting fees for Term 3, as we’d love to see as many MSF kids as possible enjoying dance over this time, particularly for families with multiple children.
  • We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, and there is a lot of pressure on families at the moment.
  • As a small business, we are experiencing the uncertainty first hand- there is a very real pressure to remain afloat during this time. For this reason, we respectfully ask that you ensure your fees are paid by the due date to confirm your ongoing enrolment.
  • If you’re unable to participate during this time we understand! We encourage you to keep utilizing the free practice videos and activities we’ve provided and just dance if and when and however you can.

What Next?


  • Classes will commence Thursday, July 23 and Saturday, July 25,
  • Enrolment will work the same as it does for our studio classes
    • Log on to the parent portal here:
    • Enrol in any or all classes for your age group by clicking “Register for Classes”
    • We will send you an invoice which is payable via electronic transfer. MSF’s bank details will be listed on the invoice.
    • To access your class, log on to the parent portal 5 minutes before class.
    • Click the video camera icon underneath “Todays Schedule”
    • Students participating in back to back classes will only need to log in once.
    • More detailed instructions and a visual guide can be found here:
  • Fees will be due Wednesday July 29th  so you can use the first lesson as an obligation free trial if you’re unsure if it will work for you. Even if you have already tried our online classes once, we encourage you to try again! With a restructured schedule, a less lengthy term and a fresh face teaching your class, you might find new drive and inspiration to keep dancing. We don’t expect too much from our students, it’s just about giving it a go!

We are heartbroken to be closed again, but we understand this is for the safety of our community and we all need to do our part. With your continued support and participation, you can help your child to continue to grow through dance, and support our business during this devastating time.

Dancing is our happy place and that doesn’t have to change. Just because we are in isolation doesn’t mean we have to dance alone. We are separated by distance but never by heart! 

We can’t wait to keep dancing with you and to see all of your smiling faces soon!


Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

The MSF Team (Kristie, Carla and Chloe) Chloe: 0433220973


Covid 19 update – Confirming closure during lockdown.

To our beautiful dance family,

As we are sure you are aware, yesterday the premier Dan Andrews announced that Metro Melbourne will re-enter stage 3 lockdown restrictions.

We are now back to only 4 reasons to leave the house and unfortunately, dance is not one of them. This means that Main St Funk will once again close its doors and our plans to start term 3 this coming Monday, will sadly not go ahead.

To say we are devastated is an understatement. We are sad for our students who have already sacrificed so much this year, we are sad for our dedicated teachers whose lives simply revolve around dance and their kids, we are sad for every family who is suffering through this with us and we are sad for our business that we have worked hard to build year after year.

But, just as before, this closure is temporary and if this year has taught us anything, it is that Main St Funk is resilient and a force to be reckoned with. With your continued support, we will come out of the other side of this and open our doors when it is deemed safe to do so.

Please bear with us while we decide on a plan of attack for the next 6 weeks. We do plan to offer online dancing opportunities and we will be in touch with more information when we are set up and ready to get started. In the meantime, we will extend our school holidays in alignment with the schools, and commence our term 3 online in the week of Monday, July, 20. 

If you have already enrolled for term 3 face to face, we will keep your place in your class/es of choice which means you are enrolled to continue dancing as soon as we get the “go-ahead” for face to face classes. We will, of course, touch base with all of you to confirm your place at that time.

This year has been nothing but a rollercoaster and like all of you, we have had to take this situation day by day. Every decision and announcement we make in regards to Main St Funk is always based on the latest government advice, which seems to change almost daily. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we ride this wave. We just can’t wait to get these kids back on the dance floor, doing what they love.

We understand the impact the re-imposed lockdown and the MSF closure will have on each of our students and their families. We are thinking of each and every one of you and genuinely hope you reach out to us, should you need anything. We are a dancing family and even though we are all in isolation, please know that you are not alone. 

With lots of love and virtual hugs,

Kristie, Carla and Chloe xx

Covid-19 Update – June 30

Dear Dance Family,

We know you are all looking forward to getting back on the dance floor and our team has been working extremely hard to prepare a safe and exciting return to dance.

Whilst we are confident in the new procedures we have in place to keep you all safe, we have made the decision to cancel this week’s school holiday program and our planned early start to term 3. We will now start term 3 aligned with schools on Monday, July 13th.

The premier announced today that a number of postcodes will be placed on stage 3 restrictions again, starting midnight tomorrow. While Epping has not been placed in lockdown and we are not being forced to remain closed, we are aware of recent cases in the area and we are very aware of the anxiety and worry within our community.

We believe the responsible, safe and fair thing to do is to remain closed until the official start of term 3, Monday, July 13th. We hope this extended time off will allow for some peace of mind for our community and will relieve them of the pressure of deciding if they should come back now or not.

We know there are some families in the MSF community who will be directly affected by the newly imposed restrictions and we wish you love and positive vibes during this time. If this is you, please contact us about your delayed start to term 3.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support during this time. It has been a tough 3 months and we know there will be many disappointed dancers and their parents. Please know your teachers are just as disappointed as you and we are just itching to get you all on the dance floor again.

Stay safe and well!!

The MSF Team xx


MSF CovidSafe Practises July 2020

We are excited to get back to class and the fun, energy and friendly faces you remember from MSF haven’t changed. However, there are some things that you will need to commit to doing differently in and around the studio, so it’s important that you understand what these mean for you and talk to your child about it before returning to class.

This document outlines the practises Main St Funk will implement as we return to in-studio classes for Term 3 2020. 

These practices ensure we comply with the current Victorian Government Restricted Activity Directions. We have also implemented additional measures to ensure we are doing everything we practically can to protect the health and peace of mind of our community.  These align with recommendations from industry bodies relevant to our business.


A key distinction has been made in the requirements for adult vs children’s activities:

  • For people aged 18 years and under, full-contact training and competition may resume.
  • There are no limits on the number of people per group activity or class if all participants are 18 years old or younger.
  • We do need to facilitate social distancing for any adults in our studio (parents, teachers and senior students)

Around the studio before and after class (the purpose of this is to facilitate as much distance as practical in our foyer space)

  • Our foyer/waiting area must adhere to the 4sqm rule (15 people) and facilitate social distancing for adults. To comply with this:
    • Parents are asked to “drop and go” – not wait in the premises during class
    • Parents of “Petites” and “Minis” are permitted to stay only if their presence at the studio is essential. (For example, their child needs assistance with going to the toilet). 
    • Please don’t bring anyone other than students to the studio unless you really need to, especially if you need to stay to assist your child.
    • Students are asked to arrive on time (rather than early), dressed for class 
      • Students who are 5 min early can wait in the rear lounge or lower studio 
      • The front foyer will be kept clear for drop-offs and pick-ups
      • Students who need to change shoes before or between class can do so in the classroom 
    • Each class will finish 5 minutes early for cleaning and changeover. For example, if your class usually finishes at 5.00 pm, we ask that you arrive to pick up your child at 4.55 pm
    • Our teaching team will facilitate hand over of young students to parents waiting in the foyer or outside etc

During Class:

    • Our senior classes are treated as adult activities. This means:
      • Senior classes are capped at 10 participants
      • We are required to practise social distancing in class by remaining 1.5 m apart
      • Use the markings on the floor to guide you.
      • We can still move around the room! If you’re roughly on a marker then you’re distanced.

For all other classes

      • We are encouraging social distancing as much as practical 
        • We will adapt our classes to encourage the children to stay spread out
          • We will use floor markings as a guide
          • This includes changing how we start class, line up for activities etc
        • We will use touch for spotting and tactile corrections where required (with hand hygiene between classes) 
        • We will use the barre and acromat (with disinfecting between classes)
        • We will avoid hand props for now
        • We will avoid partner work for now

Specifically for younger classes (petite, mini, tiny):

    • Incidental touch is inevitable and often necessary to run an effective class for young children.
      • We will try to keep physical contact to a minimum 
      • We will make a special effort to avoid hand and face contact 
      • We will encourage foot taps or elbow bumps instead of high fives
      • If a child needs a hug or comfort, we will give one
      • We will replace our sticker rewards with a cute MSF stamp card for now

Personal Hygiene:

  • Students are asked to clean their hands
    • Before and after class
    • After using the toilet, sneezing or using a tissue
    • Teachers may request your child clean their hands during class where appropriate, for example before or after matt work in acro 
  • We will ensure hand sanitiser and hand soap is readily available

Please do not attend the studio if:

  • You are unwell in any way
  • You’ve been identified as a close contact of COVID-19
  • You’ve been advised to self-isolate
  • You or anyone in your household is waiting on the results of a COVID-19 test
  • This applies to ANYONE attending the studio for any reason: Students, parents, siblings, and staff.
  • If your child becomes visibly unwell during class we will ask them to separate from the rest of the group and call you to collect them.


We have increased our regular cleaning schedule to include:

  • Teachers will sanitize between each class: Disinfecting the Barre, acro matt, door handle and stair bannister (if used)
  • MSF team will thoroughly clean the whole facility daily before classes commence each day and additionally as needed.
  • The studio will be professionally cleaned twice weekly, including professional disinfectant cleaning.

Contact Tracing

  • MSF teachers will be vigilant about role marking to ensure we always know exactly who has attended the studio
  • Please call ahead if you wish to visit the studio outside your enrolled class times
  • In the event that a case of COVID-19 is identified at Main St Funk we will comply with any and all directions given to us by the Department of Health and Human Services. This may include providing your contact details for contact tracing purposes. 


Minimise contact around the studio:
Drop off ON TIME, dressed  for class
Don’t stay on-premise, unless your child needs you for toileting
Don’t bring anyone extra to the studio, if you can avoid it
Pick up 5 MIN EARLY, being mindful of social distancing and patient with our team

Clean hands:
Before and After class
After the toilet, sneezing or using a tissue
Whenever asked by your teacher

Stay home if:
Unwell at all
Tested for, or in contact with, COVID-19
Advised to self-isolate

During class:
Spread out
Keep your distance
Hands to yourself

We thank you for taking the time to read and cooperate with our new safety and hygiene standards. We understand that for some parents and children, these will be a big adjustment. We will, as always, do our best to ensure you and your children feel safe and comfortable whilst in our facility.

By proceeding with your enrollment with Main St Funk and/or participating in any MSF events, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Main St Funk CovidSafe plan and you agree to comply with all relevant requirements for the safety of you, your family and our community.

Thanks and now let’s get dancing! To finalise your enrollment or book in for our FREE school holiday program, click here:

The best Covid update! Term 3 enrollments now open!


We interrupt your Sunday with an amazing Covid – 19 update (yes, who knew that they existed).

Further easing of restrictions have been announced today and excitedly “Indoor sport and recreation activities can resume, and play centres can open, maximum 20 people per space or zone, with up to 10 people per group class. There are no limits on the number of people per group or class if all participants are 18 years old or younger.” 

What this means for Main St Funk.

  • Term 3 classes will run, as per the term 1 timetable!
  • Classes in the ground floor studio will be capped at 20 students
  • Classes in the mezzanine studio will be capped at 15 students
  • The following classes will be capped at 10 students because some of our students are over the age of 18.
    • Tuesday Inter/Teen/Senior Acro
    • Tuesday Senior Hip Hop
    • Tuesday Senior Ballet/Contemporary
    • Thursday Senior Jazz
    • Thursday Senior Hip Hop


Enrollments for Term 3 are officially open!

  • Those of you who filled out the survey to let us know you are returning, have automatically been enrolled in your class of choice.
  • Those of you who were undecided or yet to fill out the survey, are urged to enrol asap so that you don’t lose your place!
  • If you are a new student or parent and have been waiting to hear back from Main St Funk, we will be in touch with you personally to discuss your options.
  • If your circumstances have changed and you will no longer be dancing with Main St Funk, please let us know.


Social distancing, sanitization stations and extra cautionary procedures will still be in place throughout term 3. 

  • This includes the waiting area being closed to all parents of students in the “Tiny” age group and up.
  •  Parents of “Petites” and “Minis” are able to stay, only if their presence at the studio is essential. For example, their child needs assistance with going to the toilet. However, strictly 1 parent per student and it is asked siblings do not accompany you to the studio where possible.

We are just so thrilled and relieved by this news and we hope you are just as excited as us to get back into the studio. TERM 3 WILL START MONDAY JULY 6TH, one week earlier than school. We will still be running our free school holiday program and the last week of term 2 online, will run in the studio. Lots of emails coming your way, stay tuned.

As always, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Please note, phone calls will be answered Monday – Friday between 9 am and 3 pm. If we miss your call, please ensure you leave a voice message.
Thank you!

Kristie, Carla and Chloe.



The Road Back to Main St Funk

Hi Dance Fam,

Well, it has been just over 8 weeks since we announced the temporary closure of MSF,  but it has felt so much longer. This week Dan Andrews announced further lifting of the restrictions for Indoor sports centers and physical recreation venues (that’s us!). Finally, the road back to dance is getting a little clearer and we are pleased to tell you we will be BACK IN THE STUDIO FOR TERM 3!

Hang in there kids!  Before we know it we will be dancing in our beautiful studios again! 

Please see our anticipated timeline and details below and remember, these are based on the latest announcements. We will keep updated and make further changes to our arrangements as per government advice.

MAY 25 – JUNE 19: Main St Funk Live Online classes will continue to run as normal via zoom. Behind the scenes the MSF team will be knuckling down, preparing for a safe return to the studio.

JUNE 22 – JUNE 26: FINAL ONLINE CLASSES TO RUN IN THE STUDIO! As a celebration of your continued commitment to dance and a thank you for your support and patience, all students who are participating in online classes will be invited to the studio to take class with your teacher in person. The timetable will run as it has been for Term 2 online and the classes will still be live-streamed via zoom for those who cannot make it to the studio or who still don’t feel comfortable doing so. *Online students only.

JUNE 29 – JULY 4: Week 1 of the school holidays! Main St Funk students will be invited to a series of “Welcome Back Workshops”. These dance classes will be FREE for all current MSF students and will be a great way to get back into the swing of coming to class, ease your body back into routine and exercise, catch up with friends and teachers and just let loose! Bookings will be essential  – stay tuned for the timetable and how to book

JULY 6 – JULY 11: We can’t wait any longer! Let’s start term 3, one week early! There are likely to be some slight adjustments to the timetable and new social distancing measures in place to ensure we are operating under the guidelines and keeping you safe. We will communicate these new arrangements with you in time and we thank you for your continued patience. We hope the changes will have minimal impact to your weekly routine.

JULY 13 – JULY 18: The official start of term 3! The kids will be back to school now and hopefully getting used to being back in a normal routine. Term 3 will finish Saturday the 19th of September and throughout this term, we will continue to adjust and adapt to be in line with the government directives and ease our restrictions as deemed appropriate.

The current restrictions include a limit of 10 students per class. We are very optimistic that this rule may change before term starts, but for now, we will need to be prepared to make a few adjustments to our timetable so that we can accommodate all of our students with minimal impact on you and your family. To help us with this task, we would really appreciate you letting us know if you intend to return to dance by filling out this quick 2 min survey.

As always, everyone at MSF is special to us and you will ALL be welcomed back with open arms. We do understand that some families’ circumstances may have changed and we hope you know that you will be welcomed back, whenever it is a possibility for you to return. Even if you will not be returning at this stage or perhaps you are undecided, please fill out the survey to let us know.



These are the policies we expect to have in place for the beginning of Term 3. Please note; these requirements are based on the latest advice and government directives announced on May 24th. We are optimistic that the guidelines will relax as we approach term 3 and we will continue to make changes and adjustments and relax the rules, as it is deemed safe and appropriate to do so. We will always keep you in the loop and make sure you are up to date.

  1. The studio floors will be marked out to ensure the 1.5m social distancing rule is adhered to.
  2. We will adhere to the required class limits. Currently, this is set at 10, but as mentioned we are hopeful it will be lifted before term 3 starts.
  3. Parents will be asked to drop off and pick up only. Waiting areas will not be available. 
  4. Parents of younger students are asked to take their child to the toilet, when they arrive at the studio, as MSF staff members will not be able to assist them.
  5. Parents of younger students who need help changing dance shoes between classes are permitted to pop back into the foyer to help them change between classes OR feel free not to change shoes. We can deal with ballet shoes in hip hop class for a few weeks if that makes things simpler for you. 
  6. All staff and students will be asked to wash or sanitize hands before entering the classroom.
  7. Anyone who is feeling unwell should not attend the studio. This includes students, parents, and staff.
  8. We will continue to minimize the use of shared items, with the exception of the barres and acro-mat which will be sanitized between classes.
  9. Teachers will limit tactile corrections where feasible. 
  10. Students will not participate in partner work or any activity that involves touching
  11. Students will be required to bring their own drink bottles to class as communal cups and glasses will not be available.
  12. Class start times will be staggered to avoid busy change over periods.
  13. MSF will maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

We would like to thank you all, for your continued love and loyalty throughout this time, whether that be words of encouragement and support, staying engaged on social media, keeping in touch or giving our online classes a go, your presence has been felt and is the drive that keeps us keeping on!

We are so looking forward to getting back on the dance floor with all of our beautiful students. We are nearly there! As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Kristie, Carla and Chloe x



10 Tips To Help You/Your Child Get The Most Out of Zoom Dance Classes.

1. SPACE: Make sure you have set up a clear space, free from distractions and safety hazards. This means you might need to push coffee tables and couches back.
2. TIDY UP: A cluttered learning space creates a cluttered mind and can cause poor focus and poor concentration.
3. TURN THE HEATER OFF: Having the heater on during dance class will dehydrate the body and can cause headaches and nausea during class. If it’s cold, start class with a jumper on and take it off after warm-up. Have a water bottle nearby.
4. DON’T MAKE IT A FAMILY AFFAIR: Parents should be close by to supervise but shouldn’t be involved beyond helping set up. Siblings and family members sitting around watching, offering input/feedback, or trying to participate can be distracting for the student and diminish their confidence.
5. GET OUT OF YOUR ISO CLOTHES: Put your dance uniform on and the correct footwear. Tie your hair back and splash some water on your face to refresh and wake up. Get out of “slouch mode” by rolling the shoulders back and making a conscious effort to stand up tall. Look like a dancer, feel like a dancer, act as a dancer.
6. DO YOUR OWN WARM UP BEFORE CLASS: Everybody’s body needs something different right now. If you’ve been experiencing stiff or sore muscles from spending more time on the couch, you may need to take extra time to ensure your body is ready for class. This will also help you get in the right frame of mind for dance class.
7. ELIMINATE REASONS TO LEAVE YOUR DANCE AREA: Go to the toilet and have a snack before class. Have your water bottle full and nearby.
8. ELEVATE YOUR SCREEN: If you need to continuously look down at your device to see the teacher, you are practicing poor posture and will develop bad habits that can cause injury over time. If watching an iPad or laptop, elevate these to eye level or above. Shelving, stands or a pile of books can help with this OR use an HDMI cord to connect your device to a large tv screen. If using an iPad or MAC you may need an adapter.
9. BE EARLY: Sign-in and set up 5-10 minutes before class to allow for technology hiccups, forgotten passwords, etc. It is especially hard to jump into a dance class late, remotely.
10. BE AS CLOSE TO YOUR INTERNET MODEM AS POSSIBLE: To help with internet speed. Ask family members to refrain from using the internet/downloads during your class time (it’s only 30-45 minutes!) A wifi extender may be helpful if you are struggling with lagging.
And a bonus one…
11. BE PATIENT: This set up is not perfect or seamless but we are all, including you, trying our best. Be patient with technology, it is out of your control. Be patient with your internet, it is in demand more than ever. Be patient with your teachers, this is new for them too and most importantly, be patient with yourself. You have gone weeks without dance class and it will take time to get back to where you were. You are also likely facing more challenges and more distractions than you ever have before. Your body and mind are understandably exhausted from all the change and setbacks you have endured. Keep trying your best and know that it’s ok if your best is not where you want it to be right now. We promise to be patient with you too. 🧡

The Benefits of Online Dance Classes

Well, with nearly all of us confined to our houses, I bet you are just about sick of hearing about online subscriptions, at-home workouts, and “our response to covid-19”. But, I am going to test your patience here and keep talking to you about online dance classes. I know I am on thin ice but don’t worry, I promise not to mention the words “unprecedented times”…

Last week Main St Funk announced the launch of our brand new online dance program “MSF Live Online”.  As far as small-businesses-adapting-and-moving-to-the online-platform-during-a global-pandemic goes, you could say that we were a little late to the party. This is because we wanted to be sure this was the right move for our students and for our business. We wanted to be sure we could deliver an online dance program that was safe, effective, worthy of your time and money, and mirrors the culture and community of our school. 

Whilst we have had a lot of interest and support from our community, we also know, that with the current information overload we are all experiencing, we wouldn’t blame you if you briefly glanced at the information about online classes and thought “ugh, this all too hard.” We can understand why you might feel overwhelmed and under enthused about adapting and changing yet another aspect of yours and your child’s life. Trust us when we say we understand and that we feel exactly the same way. We even considered for a minute, not offering online classes and instead, waiting out this storm and returning to the studio to teach when it was safe to do so. 

When we decided to push aside our own doubts and fears, which were mostly personal and not related to the school (so likely what you are feeling now) we explored what the benefits of providing online classes would be. Yes, for us as a business but mostly how we would be impacting our community. So if you’re unsure, just like we were, about pursuing a dance education online, here are just a few reasons to give it a go.


  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: This one is the most obvious and probably doesn’t need to be said but exercise and staying active is important for not only physical health but mental health and emotional wellbeing too. The department of health recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity per day for children aged 5-17 years of age. We know lots of our students usually participate in weekly swimming lessons, sport games, and training, gymnastics, and P.E class at school, all on top of their weekly dance classes. Children who are usually so active will need to maintain as much as their routine exercise as they can to ensure they don’t lose their fitness or skills.
  • A SENSE OF NORMALITY AND ROUTINE: Children thrive off routine and structure and in fact, so do many adults. Whilst in isolation, it’s important to maintain as much structure as possible, and scheduling your usual weekly dance class will help with this. You may also find when the social distancing directives are lifted and we can return to the studio, that your child is more mentally prepared to return to dance class then they would be if they had spent months not participating in a class.
  • IT ENSURES THEY WON’T FALL BEHIND: While Main St Funk won’t be working on concert work, we will continue to build on our technique, skills, musicality, and confidence. Dancers are known for their determination and work ethic. They owe it to themselves to not only continue with their growth and improvement but to also maintain the skillset they have already built. Not participating in the class does not only mean they miss out on “what’s next” but an extended period of time without dance can mean a loss of strength, flexibility, and technique. Just think how you feel when you miss a week or 2 of going to the gym.
  • THEY WILL FEEL CONFIDENT RETURNING TO CLASS: Missing class for an extended period of time can dampen confidence and self-esteem. Returning to the studio after weeks or months of not dancing can be daunting or stressful. If your child participates in online classes they will feel ready to return to the studio, knowing that they haven’t missed out.
  • IT TEACHES THEM TO BE ADAPTABLE: It is such an important life skill to be able to say “the show will go on!” when life throws you a curveball. Our students will come out of this situation strong, versatile, and adaptable, knowing that there is always a plan B.
  • IT TEACHES THEM TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR OWN LEARNING: What a great opportunity to take ownership of their motivation and energy. Dragging yourself off the couch and switching from “free time mode” to “dance mode” takes real strength. Being a self-motivator is a great skill to have and one that builds up over time. After this experience, your child will be further motivated to practice dancing at home because they are familiar, comfortable, and well-practiced in doing so.
  • IT KEEPS THEM CONNECTED: We hold a strong reputation for the community and family feel that runs throughout our school. Every student is valued, special, and is an important member of our dancing family. The friendships created in the studio are their own kind of special. Dialing into class each week will help your child feel connected to our community, will further develop their sense of belonging, and will help them maintain the beautiful friendships they have built at dancing as well as their relationship with their dancing teacher.
  • DANCING IS THEIR HAPPY PLACE: Dancing brings joy! Our students have already sacrificed so much of what makes them happy already, birthday parties, school, seeing friends, visiting family and grandparents, trips to the movies… by providing online dance classes we are ensuring there is just one less thing they have to give up. We hope that not only will we be assisting in continue your child’s growth and education, but that we will be supporting their happiness too.


It is hard to believe that we ever considered not offering online dance classes as an option when the benefits of doing so are undeniable. In this trying time, offering online dance classes at an affordable, discounted rate is our way of supporting our community and our students. We understand that you might find this new concept a little overwhelming, so we are here to help you through it. If you have any questions or need help setting up your tech or dance space. Please get in touch so that we can continue to support you and your children. Dancing is our happy place and that doesn’t have to change. The studio may be closed but our school is still open! We are working harder than ever to keep delivering the joy of dance.

To sign up to an obligation free trial class of our online classes, click here:

P.S We know that participating in our online classes will not be a possibility for all of our students. If you just read this blog and are now worried because your child will be missing out, don’t worry! We understand and we haven’t forgotten you. We have a series of free pre-recorded practice videos available on Vimeo and we will continue to keep your child engaged with free and fun online activities. There are benefits in taking time off too, so please make a decision that is best for your family. We look forward to welcoming you back to class at the studio, with open arms, when it is safe and appropriate to do so.

How to enrol and access your online dance class.

Hi Dance Fam,

MSF Live Online Term 3 will commence Thursday July 23 and Saturday July 25th.

  • As an added security measure, all participating students will enter the class via the parent portal. We won’t be sending out links, meeting IDs or passwords.
  • This ensures only MSF members will have access to the classes.
  • It also means that you won’t have to search through emails for a link each week, you can just bookmark your home page in the portal!
  • Students who are doing back to back classes will only need to log in once but still, must be enrolled in all classes they wish to participate in.
  • Because of this, it is important that you and/or your child are enrolled in your selected classes (even if you are just trialing the class) to ensure you have access!

Please see below simple instructions to help you enroll and access your classes.




  • Bookmark the portal homepage so you can find it quickly before class each week.
  • Allow 5 or 10 minutes before class to sign in to allow for technical difficulties or forgotten passwords.
  • Sign in to the parent portal now to make sure your login details are correct. Click “Forgot Password” if you need to.

If you need help, just sing out to us!

The MSF Team.