September Newsletter

Exciting things ahead!…

Congratulations to all students on a fantastic Term 3! Enjoy these next two weeks off as things are about to get busy at Main St Funk! Term 4 is jam packed with performance opportunities, photo days and rehearsals. Please make sure you regularly check our dates + event page and diarise all important dates. Why not sync your google calendar with ours?

Performance Opportunities

Main St Funk are proud to be a part of the City of Whittlesea community and it is always such an honour to be invited to perform at local events. These performances are completely optional but highly encouraged as they are a great way to practice performing in front of an audience and they are always super fun. Please let us know if you can make it by filling out the form below. All Students who perform at these events require a MSF T shirt. They are $30 each. Please see one of us to collect yours.

Concert Ticket Sales
  • This year our ticket sales are online!
  • Tickets are $26 each. Performers do not require a ticket or a seat.
  • All audience members 5 years and older require their own seat and ticket. Anyone under 5 who requires their own seat will need to purchase one.
  • All seats at the venue have good viewing of the stage.
  • Tickets will go on sale 9am Saturday 28th October until 4pm Saturday 25th November.
  • There will be no refunds of tickets once sold.
  • There is no limit to how many tickets each family can purchase.
  • Upon choosing your seats and purchasing your tickets online, you will be issued a receipt which will be required to pick up your tickets. No tickets will be distributed to families who have unpaid fees on their account.
  • Tickets will be available for collection in the last week of class.
Photo Days:

Each class will be provided with a costume for each of their dances that they will be performing at the concert. Each group will be posed and photographed in each of their costumes by a professional photographer, and single shots of each student in each costume will be taken too. This process can take a while, as it is also a time for checking/re-adjusting and fixing costumes. Each student will need to provide their own ‘costume basics’. We have provided a kit list for each class. Please ensure you check the day, time and kit list of every class that your child participates in. Please do not wait to get these item closer to the performance date. All items listed are compulsory for photo day. It helps the students feel more like a team when everyone is wearing/bringing the same things. It also speeds up the process when we don’t have to try and hide incorrect shoes/underclothes etc. All students will require make up for concert day (even the boys) however it is optional for photo day.


DVD Orders and Photo Sales
  • On rehearsal day (possibly earlier), all photos will be printed 5” x 7” and available to view/purchase and to take home. If you wish to order extras/different sizes to what is there this can be done on the day as well.
  • Photos will be $10 each or 6 for $50.
  • DVD orders will be taken from now until concert day. Order forms will be distributed shortly.
  • A Sam Stephens Video Production, will again film and edit the concert this year.
  • The cost of the DVD this year will be $30. Postage prior to Christmas will be $3 additional, pick up in class in Term 1 of 2017 is free.
Other Information
  • All rehearsals and photo days are held at our normal class venue, Lalor Secondary except Venue Rehearsal (Sunday 26th November) and Performance (Sunday 3rd December).
  • Venue Rehearsal and Performance held at Planetshakers Theatre, 360 Main Road Lower Plenty Vic.
  • Parents of mini and junior students are asked to assist with dressing their child for Photo day.
  • ALL students are required to wear stage make up for the performance (including boys!) Under the lights the details on a performer’s face get washed out and their faces look like white circles, so stage make up is necessary.
  • Please note there will be no parents backstage during the rehearsal or performance. Younger students are allocated a buddy to assist them with changing.
  • The performance will go for approx. 2 hours including a 20 minute interval
  • During the interval, no parents or audience members are to enter the dressing room area and no students are permitted to leave the dressing room.
  • Students will take most of their costume items home on Photo Day and bring with them on Performance Day. Please ensure they are not worn or played with in that time!
  • All Ballet/Contemporary and Jazz costumes must be returned on concert day. All hip hop costumes can be kept by the performers

We are in the process of organising another big year of dance. Please fill out the 2018 form to let us know if you are returning or not: MAIN ST FUNK 2018

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Looking forward to a wonderful end to a big year!
The MSF Team xx





The MSF Team are planning for another big year of dancing but they need your input!

Yes, 2018 is just around the corner and The MSF Team are getting organised. We plan to have a proposed timetable out to you by Term 4 2017. This will give you time to enrol and secure your place before enrollments open to the public in December. To help us, please fill out the survey at the bottom of this info pack after reading the class descriptions below. If you don’t plan on returning, please still fill out the form to let us know. Please note we are just gathering interest and classes will only run if a significant amount of interest is shown.


Aimed at 3 year olds – Grade Prep students, Mini Ballet focuses on refining coordination, social development, creativity and musicality. Mini Ballerinas will fall in love with the magic of dance.


Students will learn a range of hip hop and urban skills and choreography and will perform 3 routines in the end of year performance. Hip Hop classes are available to boys and girls aged 3 years old- 12 years old


Students will learn a range of hip hop skills & styles & will learn one dance per term which will be performed in the concert. All Inter + Senior Hip Hop students will be required to also participate in a technical class (jazz, ballet/contemporary or stretch + strengthen). This is to enhance the strength, fitness and flexibility of our dancers as well as ensuring that they are receiving a well rounded dance education. Since introducing this policy to our senior students in 2014, we have noticed a significant improvement in all styles of dance and we can’t wait to see our inter students sky rocket in the same way.


Jazz is a technical, up beat style of dance. Students will learn strength, flexibility, jumps, turns, kicks, performance skills and choreography. They will perform two dances at the concert.


This class will have a strong focus on classical ballet and contemporary dance technique and will include barre work, corner work, jumps and choreography. They will perform two dances at the concert.


Dance With Me is specifically designed for children aged 2.5 – 4 years old and their parents. It is a great way to bond with your baby and a perfect way to ease your child into dance class until they feel ready to take class on their own.


Crew will participate at a number of dance competitions through out the year. A high level of commitment is required and crew members MUST participate in at least ONE other class (hip hop preferred).


This class will focus on developing the overall, strength, fitness, flexibility and dance technique of our students. This class is designed to complement the training you will receive in your other classes and will not include choreography for the concert.


MSF are excited at the possibility of adding acrobatics to the timetable next year. Acrobatic class will develop a range of skills including tricks and tumbling. As a strong knowledge of dance technique will be required, along with the strength and flexibility needed to perform the movements involved in acro class, students will be required to also participate in a technical dance class as well as their acrobatics class (jazz, ballet/contemporary or stretch and strengthen).

In 2018, Main St Funk will continue to offer generous discounts to families and students who are enrolled in multiple classes. A more detailed outline of the fee structure can be found on the MSF website.

Please click here to take the survey to let us know what your dancing plans are for 2018 and if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Happy Dancing Everyone!

The MSF Team xx


Yes, you read that correctly, it’s August already!

To those of you who have just joined the MSF family this term, welcome! To everyone else, welcome back! We trust you have had a wonderful mid-year break and have settled back into your classes for Term 3. We can’t believe we are so far into the year already, before we know it it will be concert day for which preparations are well and truly underway.

Change of Plans!

Due to a performance being held by Lalor Secondary College, Main St Funk will not have access to the drama centre on Wednesday the 30th of August and Friday the 1st of September.

All classes will be condensed and held in the gym. While unfortunately some classes will be cancelled, it is a great opportunity to bring groups together to start rehearsing our finale and opening routines! Please note where your class time has changed.


4.15-4.45pm Wednesday Mini Ballet

4.45-5.15pm Wednesday Mini Hip Hop

5.15-6.00pm Intermediate Ballet/Contemporary

6.00-6.30pm Junior C Hip Hop

6.30-8.30pm Opening Rehearsal. All Junior A hip hop, Intermediate hip hop and Senior hip hop students required.

*Jazz classes will not run.


4.30-5.30pm Finale Rehearsal. Beginner jazz, Junior B Hip Hop and Junior Ballet Students required.

5.30-6.00pm Friday Mini Ballet

6.00-6.30pm Friday Mini Hip Hop

6.30-7.30pm Senior Ballet/Contemporary and Finale Rehearsal

7.30-8.30pm Senior Hip Hop

*Dance With Me will not run.

Dates for your Diary.

Please make a note of these upcoming dates and events and keep checking our website for updates. Exact times to be confirmed closer to the date.



There will be no classes this week, only photos. Students are required to arrive with their hair done and make up on (see below). They will then participate in a professional photo-shoot in their costumes. These photos will be available for purchase at the performance. Please note what day your group is required. Arrival times to be advised.

  • FRIDAY 27th OCTOBER: Fri. Mini Hip Hop, Fri Mini Ballet, Junior Ballet/Contemporary, Senior Hip Hop, Beginner Jazz, Junior B Hip Hop, Senior Ballet/Contemporary.
  • WEDNESDAY 1st NOVEMBER: Wed. Mini Hip Hop, Wed. Mini Ballet, Inter Jazz, Crew, Senior Jazz, Junior A Hip Hop, Inter Ballet/Contemporary, Inter Hip Hop.


These are completely optional but highly encouraged as they are great practice for the end of year show and always lots of fun.

  • St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Primary School Fete: Sunday November 19th


This rehearsal is compulsory for all students who wish to participate at the end of year concert. It is held at our performance venue, Planetshakers Theatre in Lower Plenty and is a chance for the students to familiarize themselves with the theatre and the stage.

  • Sunday November 26th, in the afternoon/evening. Time TBC


To be held at Planet Shakers. The show will start at approximately 4pm however all students will need to be available during the day.

  • Sunday December 3rd

Concert Day and Photo Day Requirements.

Whilst the MSF team are working hard at organizing your costumes, we ask that you start to organize these items in time for photo day.

  • Main St Funk T-shirt (2016 edition)
  • Plain black (with black laces) hi-top sneakers and black socks (for hip hop)
  • Hair needs to be pulled back into two tight braids. See tutorial here: (not required for minis or seniors).
  • Minis to wear hair in two high pig tails.
  • Seniors to wear in a slicked, high, half pony. The rest of the hair in styled curls.
  • Stage make up is required. No blue eyeshadow, neutral tones only. See tutorial here:
  • Black jazz shoes (jazz students)
  • Pink ballet shoes (ballet/contemporary students)
  • Flesh pink ballet tights (ballet/contemporary students)
  • Sheer pantyhose or tan jazz tights (jazz and hip hop students)
  • Nude coloured underwear.
  • Black bike shorts/bloomers.
  • Nude coloured bra (or crop top with shoe string straps for younger students).

For Sale

If you wish to purchase any of the following items, please see one of The MSF Team before or after class or shoot us an email.

  • Main St Funk T-shirt 2016 edition
  • MSF Hoodies
  • Main St Funk “Retro” t-shirt (2011 + 2013 editions)
  • Mid Year RAW Showcase DVD
  • Plain black hi-top sneakers (mini sizes only)


  • All MSF students are asked to adhere to our uniform guidelines outlined on our website. If you are still unsure of what is required please feel free to check with your teachers.
  • Students are asked to go to the toilet before class to limit distractions.
  • Remember your drink bottles! Even in winter, we have to stay hydrated while we exercise.
  • Term 3 fees are now overdue and are payable by cash, cheque or direct deposit.
  • Term 4 fees are due October 27th but families are welcome to start paying installments.

Lastly, attendance and punctuality is a huge priority at Main St Funk. Please do your best to be at class and on time. Please think of your dance class the same way you think of your sporting team. You would not expect to play in the match if you did not show up to training. The MSF Kids are team players!!

Keep up the good work and the even better dancing kids!

The MSF Team. xx


Dance Off Challenge 2017






Wow, Term 2 is just flying by. We would like to welcome all of our new students who joined after the break and commend ALL of the MSF kids on the wonderful work they have been showing in their classes this term. There are a few exciting things on the horizon, one of which is our mid-year show! Please find all of important details outlined below.

“RAW” Showcase – Friday 9th June 2017

A collection of unfinished or unpolished work. No lighting effects, costumes or make-up. Just RAW dancing.

This performance is a casual event we put on each year to allow our students to gain experience performing in front of an audience. It is also a chance for their families to see what they have been working on so far and get a sneak peek of the end of year show. Family and friends are invited to come and watch. Cost will be a gold coin donation per audience member as a fundraiser.

  • The performance will be held in the Drama Centre at Lalor Secondary College where our normal class are held.
  • There will be no regular class that evening, only the showcase.
  • Students are to arrive, dressed, ready to perform, no later than 6.15pm.
  • The show will begin at 7.00pm
  • Students will sit with their classes

Please wear…

  • All Hip Hop students must wear their BLACK MAIN ST FUNK T-Shirt (2016 design), plain black tracksuit pants or leggings and plain black sneakers and socks. Hair to be in a neat, high ponytail.
  • Mini/Junior Ballet students – please wear black leotard, black ballet skirt, pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes. Hair in a slick, high bun.
  • Junior Jazz students – please wear FITTED plain black singlet, black leggings, jazz shoes. Hair in a slick high ponytail.
  • Inter Jazz and Ballet/Contemporary students – please wear FITTED plain black singlet, black leggings, pink ballet/black jazz shoes. Hair in a slick high ponytail (jazz). Slick ballet bun for ballet.
  • Senior Jazz and Ballet/Contemporary students – fitted long sleeve black top, black leggings, ballet shoes, black jazz shoes. Hair styled neatly in a half pony tail. No hair on face.
  • NEW STUDENTS – If you have not yet purchased an MSF Tshirt ($30) please make sure you see Kristie or Chloe ASAP.
  • Students in multiple classes are to wear their jazz/ballet uniform under their hip hop clothes and hip hop students who also do ballet must have their hair in a bun.
  • Minimal make up is permitted but not necessary.
  • Please leave jackets, bags, drink bottles etc. with parents.


  • The show will start at 7pm sharp. Doors will be closed and locked by 6.55pm to ensure a smooth running show without interruptions. Late comers will not be permitted.
  • Please park in the main carpark on Dalton Rd or on the street.
  • A reminder there is NO SMOKING ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS.
  • There will be no reserved seating and doors will open just before the show. There is good viewing from all points of the room.
  • Video recording and photography during the performance is not permitted.
  • A DVD recording will be available to purchase at a cost of $12 each. This is a great keepsake and assists in practicing for the end of year performance.
  • If you would like to order a DVD please ensure you order and pay by the final week of term.
  • Each class will perform 1 dance each.
  • Family is invited to come and watch. Cost will be a gold coin donation per audience member as a fundraiser. This will be collected at the door.
  • Classes resume as normal the following week and term 2 will conclude Wednesday 28th and Friday 30th of June.

Mid Year 2016


We are looking forward to showing you how hard the MSF kids have been working so far this year and hope you enjoy the show!

To see more upcoming dates and events check out our website:

Teacher News..

We welcome Breeana Bolzon to our teaching staff! Bree has been an assistant teacher, working with our junior students since 2013. She has just recently taken on the role of Wednesday Mini Ballet and Mini Hip Hop teacher. Bree is very much loved and admired by all her students and the rest of the MSF team, because of her gentle and caring nature and her passion for dance. Bree completed VCE last year and is currently undertaking a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and hopes to complete a Bachelor in Primary School Teaching in 2018. We are super proud of you Bree and are lucky to have you on the team.



Tell Your Friends…

We accept new students right up until week 3, term 3 and we have added lots of new classes to our timetable. If you’ve got friends that love to dance, keep spreading the word about Main St Funk. We really appreciate all of the love and support from our funky fam.

Happy Dancing – The MSF Team.








Main St FunkWelcome Back!

Welcome to all of our wonderful new families and to our golden oldies, welcome back! We are off to a great start and are looking forward to the year ahead. We hope you have settled in nicely into your classes. Remember it’s not too late to try a new style – hip hop, ballet/contemporary, jazz or crew. Just get in touch with us if you would like to give them a go.

What’s New?

  • We welcome senior student Emily S to the team as assistant teacher along side Breeana and Stephanie.
  • Junior A hip hop and Junior B hip hop are now full and enrollments for these classes are closed! A third class, Junior C hip hop will begin in term 2. Wednesday 6.30-7.30 in the gymnasium.
  • We are excited to introduce our brand new “Dance with Me” class. This class caters to children aged 2.5-4 years old and is a parent participation class. This class will run Friday 4.30-5.00pm in the drama centre.

Community Events

Main St Funk are proud members of the City of Whittlesea and love to get involved with the community. The MSF Kids have been invited to perform at a number of events this year. These performances are completely optional but highly encouraged as they are a great way to gain experience on stage but are also heaps of fun! Please let us know if you would like to participate by filling out the form below and checking the box of the events you are available for. Even if you are not available please complete the form.

For a full list of important dates and events please check out our website. This page is updated regularly so please check back from time to time:

House Keeping

  • Term Fees are due in week 3 of Term One. They can be paid by cash, cheque or direct deposit.
  • For the safety of our students, we ask that you escort them to and from the car.
  • Please enter the drama centre via the kitchen entrance to avoid distraction during class. Thank you.
  • Parents are not permitted to observe their child’s classes as we have found this to be distracting for the teachers and students. Please make use of our waiting area in the kitchen in the drama centre.
  • Please ensure students go to the toilet before their class begins. This will limit interruptions and distractions and ensures your child is safely in the dance room under teacher supervision.
  • Ballet shoes and jazz shoes will be required for technical classes from Term Two on-wards. We recommend Energetiks Factory Outlet, Target, Kmart, Best and Less, Pay-less Shoes and E-bay for less expensive options.
  • A reminder there is to be no smoking on the grounds of Lalor Secondary. If you wish to smoke you must be a minimum of 4 meters from the school gate.
  • Please park only in the 1st main car park with the gym to the right. The other car park will be locked by the cleaners.
  • Fee Structure, Uniform Guidelines and Policies & Procedures can all be found on our Student Information page on our website. By completing an enrollment form online or by hand, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree with these Policies so please ensure you have read them.

Stay in Touch

Be sure to follow Main St Funk on social media for reminders, inspiration and to see what The MSF kids get up to in class each week.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We wish you all a fantastic year of dancing!

Kristie, Carla, Chloe and Nakarin.