Time flies when you’re having fun, we have hit the halfway point already! We have lots of exciting things happening both in and out of the studio in the coming months. Coming up fast is our Mid-Year Concert “In the Making”. We have been so impressed by the work ethic and teamwork we have seen from all ages, as they push to help us create an amazing show. Keep it up, kids! At concert time we get lots of questions, which we welcome! We have put together a list of FAQ to help make the day a little easier for you.

Please note, there is an unfortunate misprint on the concert tickets and the wrong date has been printed. Please remind your guests and supporters that the concert will be held on Sunday the 23rd of June.

WHEN: Sunday, June 23rd 2019

WHERE: St Sava Serbian Orthodox Church. 212-226 Diamond Creek Rd Greensborough



SHOWTIME: 12.00pm

MINGLE: 1.30-2.30pm


  • Students will be dropped off, no later than 11.00am.
  • Students should arrive dressed, with hair done, ready to perform
  • All bags/coats/drink bottles will be left with parents/carers unless you/your child are in multiple dances then a small bag containing shoes and uniform is permitted.
  • Audience members (including parents and siblings) will wait outside or in the foyer, while the MSF team help the children set up and settle their nerves.
  • Please be punctual. The sooner we have all the performers settled, the sooner we can open the doors to the audience.
  • During the show, all students will sit and watch with their class. After performing their dance, students will return to their place in the audience, with their class.
  • Students do not sit with their families and no student will be dismissed from the concert until the after the show has finished.
  • After the show, you are invited to enjoy tea and coffee with your dance fam.

There are still plenty of seats available. If using your phone to purchase, make sure you zoom out and swipe to see all of the available seats. After ordering your tickets, they will be available to collect at the studio. You can order tickets here: https://www.trybooking.com/BCGYA

Full uniform, including hair and shoes, are required from all students. If your child performs in multiple dances, we recommend layering, to make outfit changes easier for them. For example, if your child does hip hop and ballet and their hip hop dance is first, please put on ballet stockings and leotard and then your hip hop uniform (leggings and MSF tee) over the top. The concert order has been posted up on the studio walls where you can check what dance you/your child has first. Students who do ballet, as well as other classes, will keep their hair in a ballet bun for the entire show. A full outline of uniform, hair and shoe requirements can be found here: https://mainstfunk.com/uniform-shoe-hair-requirements/

No, makeup is not required for the mid-year concert. If you do choose to wear makeup (or put makeup on your child) for the mid-year concert, we recommend a light, natural look, using neutral tones to highlight the natural features. Use as little or as much makeup as you like but be mindful, as there are no stage lights, a full face of stage makeup can be very confronting, especially on little people.

Main St Funk has a strict “no photos and no videos during classes and concerts” policy. This is in line with national child safety laws and copyright laws and is a policy that all families agreed to upon enrollment. Rules aside, it is also very distracting to our young performers, many of whom are performing for the first time ever, to look out to a sea of phones and flashes. We understand the importance of capturing this special day so we encourage you to take photos of your child before and after the show and we will be providing all families with digital footage of the concert, at no charge to you! So switch your devices off, sit back, relax, be in the moment and enjoy the show! Your little one will be so excited to look out into the audience and see your smiling face!

Yes, there is one more week of term left, after the concert and classes will run as normal from Monday, June 24th – Saturday, June 29th. This is PJ Week AND Bring a Friend Week! Dress up in your comfiest and cutest PJs and bring along a buddy to dance in your class for free. This week is also open to the public as a free trial week. If you’ve got a friend who wouldn’t be suitable to your age group, but they would like to try a class, get them to get in touch so we can find the right class time for them.

There’s no such thing as a silly question, please get in touch with The MSF Team, so we can help you out.

Kristie, Carla, Chloe.

Getting Funky in Epping

Children and Teens in the City of Whittlesea are discovering the relaxed and fun vibe at Main St Funk dance studio in Epping.

Run by three sisters who grew up in Epping themselves, Main St Funk welcome anyone who loves to dance, no matter their experience.

Kristie Hocking, co-founder said “Back in 2007, we saw that there weren’t many options for kids who just wanted to dance for enjoyment, so we started a few Hip Hop classes with a simple vision of being relaxed, fun and inclusive.  “We find that kids really progress and get the most out of themselves when they feel supported and encouraged to give it a go without fear of failure”

Last year, after over a decade of running classes in Thomastown and Lalor, Main St Funk opened the doors to a brand new studio located in Epping.

Word quickly spread and soon nearly of all their classes were at capacity. In September 2018, they added a second studio to accommodate their growing community of enthusiastic and passionate kids from all over the Northern Suburbs.

In just one year, the Main St Funk dance family doubled, as local families embraced their unique combination of high energy, quality classes, with a focus on teamwork and at an affordable cost.

“The response from the community has been amazing. Our existing students are loving having our own space and all the extended class options, and so many new students have discovered us and are settling right in”

Students joining Main St Funk in 2019 can expect a high energy class in a friendly atmosphere. They can choose from Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary classes available for students as young as two and a half.

They offer an obligation free trial class to all new students, so book in and experience the joy of dancing for yourself.

April 2019

Wow! Hasn’t term 1 just flown by? In a jam-packed 9 weeks, we have started learning new skills and techniques, made new friends, performed at two events and have now started our concert work. We are so pleased with how everyone has settled into their classes and the happy and positive vibes you bring into class each week.


  • To our fantastic tiny, littlie, junior, inter and teen hip hop students who performed at the Lendlease Aurora Meet Your Neighbours event. We received fabulous feedback about how amazing you all were, not just performing but your behaviour and the energy that you brought to the entire event.
  • To ALL of the students who performed at the Whittlesea Community Festival, there were over 90 of you!! You tackled tricky conditions and still represented the black and orange tribe so perfectly. We are very proud of our performers and our big supportive community.


These school holidays Main St Funk are running danced based activities. It is a great opportunity for our students to get to know their classmates in a fun and relaxed setting. There is something different for each age group and further details have been emailed out. You must book online prior to the day (for catering purposes) and bookings close on Tuesday, April 9th at 4 pm.


Enrollments are still open for 2019. It’s not too late to tell your friends about Main St Funk or to try another class. If you’re thinking about taking on an extra class, please get in touch with the MSF team to discuss your options and your multi-class discount.


This Winter Main St Funk are holding a donation drive through the organisation Big Group Hug’s campaign; “Pj’s Singlets, Socks and Jocks make for warm & happy, Kids & Tots”

Big Group Hug wants to be able to provide brand new pyjamas, singlets, socks and underwear to disadvantage kids and struggling families in our community. We are asking for donations of brand new items sizes 2 to 16 for both boy and girls. Please drop off your donations to Main St Funk by Wednesday May 1st. We know our big and generous dance family will go hard and make a difference in our community.


MSF Mamas get ready! In the week leading up to Mother’s Day, we want to celebrate YOU! From Monday the 6th- Saturday the 11th of May, you’re invited to come and join in the last 15 minutes of your child’s class. We’ve got some awesome and fun, dance based activities planned for you and your little one (or big one). Kids, don’t worry, if mum can’t make it you are welcome to bring one other significant grown up or just come on your own. You will still get a great class.


Every year we hold a casual and laid back mid-year performance. This year’s mid-year concert is called “In The Making” and it is a great opportunity to see what the kids have been working on all year and is a great chance for them to practice performing in front of an audience before they hit the “Big Stage” in December. This year, we are excited to have secured a venue that will accommodate a WHOLE school performance. Afterwards, you are invited to the “Main St Funk Mingle” to enjoy coffee and afternoon tea with your dancing family. Tickets will be sold prior to the event and seating will be allocated. Ticket sale info coming soon. If your child can’t make it, please ensure you inform the MSF team so that they can plan their choreography accordingly.

WHEN: Sunday June 23rd 2019

WHERE: St Sava Serbian Orthodox Church. 212-226 Diamond Creek Rd Greensborough



SHOWTIME: 12.00pm

MINGLE: 1.30-2.30pm


We are thrilled to announce that this year’s end of year concert, “Dancing Days”, will follow the theme of a calendar year. The MSF Kids will take you on a journey from one new years eve party to the next and will highlight every special holiday, celebration and milestone in between. Think Valentines Day, Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, First Day of School and much much more. Each class will perform two routines highlighting two special events that occur each year.

Don’t forget, our whole school has been split into two casts. Please ensure you are familiar with which cast you are in and which rehearsal/performance dates are relevant to you. Make sure your family and friends know as well, so they know which concert to come to when they want to cheer you on. This has been emailed out to you but can also be found below. If your child will not be participating in the end of year concert/s, please inform the MSF team asap as we begin planning choreography and costumes.

CAST 1: Seniors, Teens, Inters, Monday Junior Hip Hop, Monday Littlie Jazz, Monday Littlie Hip Hop, Tuesday Littlie Hip Hop, Tuesday Littlie Ballet, Tuesday Tiny Ballet, Tuesday Tiny Hip Hop, Monday Mini Ballet, Monday Mini Hip Hop, Saturday Mini Ballet, Saturday Mini Hip Hop.

CAST 2: Seniors, Teens, Inters, Friday Junior Hip Hop, Friday Junior Jazz, Wednesday Junior Hip Hop, Saturday Junior Hip Hop, Saturday Junior Ballet/Contemporary, Friday Littlie Hip Hop, Friday Tiny Hip Hop, Friday Tiny Ballet, Saturday Tiny Hip Hop, Saturday Tiny Ballet, Wednesday Tiny Hip Hop, Friday Mini Hip Hop, Friday Mini Ballet.


COMPULSORY THEATRE REHEARSAL: The rehearsal is the one and only compulsory event we run throughout the year and attendance is mandatory for all students who wish to participate at the end of year concert.

CAST 1: Wednesday 20th of November

CAST 2: Thursday 21st of November


CAST 1: Friday 29th of November

CAST 2: Saturday 30th of November

Our important dates page and google calendar are updated throughout the year to include things like; term dates, performance opportunities and mid-year concert. Check it out and sync your google calendar to ours so you never miss a reminder: https://mainstfunk.com/dates-events/


Please ensure your children are fully supervised when they are at the studio but not participating in a class. The lounge and foyer are not to be treated as a playground. Please do not run, cartwheel/flip, play on the stairs or climb on the furniture in our foyer and waiting areas. Over the past few weeks we have noticed a number of studio items damaged or missing as well as an increased mess (cushions have been thrown, water and soap spilled all over the bathroom, food scraps and rubbish over the floor) and the noise levels, from children playing and squealing, have increased to a level that is distracting our students and teachers. While we are pleased to offer you a comfortable place to wait, please treat our dancing home with the respect you have for your own home and remember that it is a shared space and is intended for comfortable waiting, not adventure.


Please ensure you are walking your child from the car to the studio door when you drop them off and pick them up. As outlined in our child safety policy, students are not to walk through the thorough fair/car park on their own. Teen and Senior students, please walk together as a group to the gate and wait in the studio until you know your parents have arrived. Parents, we suggest you text your children when you are there. We don’t want students waiting outside in the dark. Thank you.

Wishing you all a fantastic and safe school holidays. We hope to see you all at our school holiday program, otherwise, we will see you all when classes resume on Tuesday, April 23rd.

Kristie, Carla and Chloe x

Please don’t ever hesitate to contact the MSF team should you have any questions.

E: mainstfunk@gmail.com PH: 0433220973

Make sure you’re following MSF on social media for daily updates, inspiration and friendship.www.facebook.com/mainstfunk | www.instagram.com/mainstfunk

February 2019

2019 is off to a flying start, we can already tell this is going to be a fabulous year. We would like to extend a huge welcome to the many new students and families we have met so far and a big welcome back to our loyal and committed returning students. We are so lucky to have you all.

What’s New?

  • We welcome Teen student Keira Mifsud, who has been dancing with Main St Funk since 2012, on board as an assistant teacher. Keira has always demonstrated a fabulous work ethic, a positive attitude and a genuine passion for dance and she makes a great role model for our younger students. Welcome, Keira!

Performance Opportunities

Main St Funk has been invited to perform at TWO upcoming events in the community; The City of Whittlesea Community Festival and the Aurora Lendlease Meet and Greet. These are a great opportunity for MSF students to practice performing in front of an encouraging crowd in a relaxed and fun environment. It is also a great way to bond with your new classmates and to be involved with the extended community. Who can perform? ALL Main St Funk students are invited to perform at these events and we would love as many MSF kids involved as possible. Please see more details about the events here:https://goo.gl/forms/3UrqfDPUJkIhzzH72 This is also where you can let us know if you will be attending or not.

Medical Records

At Main St Funk we aim to look out for every child and cater our classes to ensure they are a positive and safe experience for all involved. If your child has a medical condition or takes medication, please get in touch with the MSF team so that we can discuss what we can do for your child. Other things you may like to let us know about are learning difficulties, injuries or any personal or family situations that you feel may affect the way your child learns or behaves in class.

Street Parking

Thank you to everyone who has kindly respected our ‘Street Parking Only’ rule. We have seen a significant improvement since last year. We ask parents to park in the street to ensure the safety of our students walking up and down the thoroughfare and to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours, who require access to their spots at all times. The three car parks out the front of our studio are for MSF staff only. Thank you again!


Main St Funk has in place a set of uniform guidelines. Please start ensuring you/your child start coming to class dressed in accordance with these. A uniform promotes a sense of unity and teamwork and helps students get into the right mindset for dance class (dress like a dancer, feel like a dancer) and it helps the teacher see the student’s body line, ensuring they can correct technique and prevent injuries.

Friendly Reminders

  • Term fees are now due. Please settle your balance online or by placing cash in a clearly labelled envelope and handing it to your class teacher
  • Please take your child to the toilet before class
  • Don’t forget to pack a water bottle for every class

Important Dates (Concert and Rehearsal Reminder)

We are pleased to have locked in The Magis Theatre Loyola College (Watsonia) once again for our end of year performance and compulsory theatre rehearsal.  This year we will hold two concerts and two rehearsals. The school will be split into two casts – so each class will only perform in one concert ( and will be required for one rehearsal).  We will split the school later in the year when everyone has settled into their classes so please pencil in both concert dates and both rehearsal dates for now before we confirm which cast your child will be in. Senior and Teen students, you will perform in BOTH concerts. Petites will not perform in the concerts.

COMPULSORY THEATRE REHEARSAL: The rehearsal is the one and only compulsory event we run throughout the year and attendance is mandatory for all students who wish to participate at the end of year concert.

CAST 1: Wednesday 20th of November

CAST 2: Thursday 21st of November


CAST 1: Friday 29th of November

CAST 2: Saturday 30th of November

Our important dates page and google calendar are updated throughout the year to include things like; term dates, performance opportunities and mid-year concert. Check it out and sync your google calendar to ours so you never miss a reminder: https://mainstfunk.com/dates-events/

Social Media
Make sure you are following Main St Funk on Facebook and Instagram. We love to post daily to give you reminders, inspiration, a sneak peek into our classes and to stay connected with our dancing family.



Thank you for a great start to 2019! We are so inspired by the way our students have jumped into class and we love seeing all of your happy and smiling faces in the studio.

Please don’t ever hesitate to contact the MSF team should you have any questions.
E: mainstfunk@gmail.com PH: 0433220973

Kristie, Carla and Chloe. x

My Baby’s First Dance Class – What Do I Do?

So your little girl or boy (or big girl or boy) has been asking to start dance classes? You know how much they love music, you see that they have an uncontrollable urge to move when their favourite song comes on, you’ve watched them obsess over dance related tv shows and movies and try to copy the dance steps in front of the TV. You would love to sign them up to dance class and make their dreams a reality but just as going to a new dance school can be daunting for your child, often it can be as equally daunting for you, a first-time “dance mum” or “dance dad”.

Never fear! Your guide to your child’s first dance class is here to help you get through the process; before, during and after.


  1. Do your research. Google Maps is a monopoly board of dance schools in your local area. Each one of them will be different and have something that makes them special. Their “special” might not fit you and your child though. There are many factors to consider when picking a dance school; location, price, the culture of the school and qualified teachers to name a few. Think about what your ideal dance experience will be; do you want a high level of commitment and elite level performances? Do you want a recreational class for fun? Check out each dance school’s website and social media pages to find a school whose vision matches yours. Ask questions! Call up and inquire. Don’t be afraid to inquire at a few different schools until you find what you’re looking for.

  2. Book in. Just as you and your child need to be prepared, so do your teachers. Make sure that they know you will be attending class. Some school’s have an online booking system and others will take your booking via phone or email. Booking is important to ensure that there is space in that class for your son or daughter. Nothing is more disappointing than building up the excitement of dance class only to arrive and be told that that class is full. It is also a good opportunity to tell your teacher a little bit about your child. Maybe they have learning difficulties or a language barrier or are just generally very shy. A good teacher will take this on board and be prepared to create the best experience possible for your child.

  3. Talk about dancing. Often a dance class environment can be quite daunting for first timers, especially younger children. A dance class is a structured activity and while heaps of fun, is very different to just dancing around in the lounge room at home. Children who haven’t yet participated in a structured activity like school, kinder or lessons will take more time to grasp the concept of following directions in a group. The environment itself can be quite daunting too, a big echoey studio, loud music, other children and a new grown-up telling them what to, Talk to your child in the weeks leading up to class so these things will be less of a shock to them. Some things you can say are:
  • “Your dancing teacher’s name is Kristie and she is so excited to dance with you.”
  • “I’m so excited to take you to see your special dance room,  are you?”
  • “There are going to be lots of other little boys and girls dancing with you today, that’s exciting isn’t it?”
  • “Your dance teacher, Kristie, is going to teach you lots of special things. Try to copy and listen.”
  • And the most important one: “Don’t worry if it’s tricky. Just try your very best and have fun”
  • You could also show them photos or videos from your school’s social media pages of dance routines, the studio or even their teacher.

4. Be early. Arrive about 10 minutes early to give your child time to settle in, meet their teacher, go to the toilet, become familiar with the space, put their dance shoes on and relax. Arriving late or rushing in creates a stressful experience for the child who is most likely already feeling a little bit unsure. It is also disrupting to the teacher and the other little people in the class. When a child arrives late they miss out on class introductions, a comforting and settling chat from their teacher and the warm-up. All of these are essential to a well-rounded class.


  1. Stick around. Depending on how old and how independent your child is, it’s a good idea to wait for them during their first lesson. Check with the teacher to see if it’s ok to watch their first class, every school will have a different policy. If you are allowed to watch, this is a good opportunity for you to get a feel for the school, see how the teacher engages with your child and to make sure they’re having fun. If you will be waiting for your child in the parent lounge, you could show them where you will be sitting to assure them that you aren’t too far away.

  2. Don’t take photos or videos. This is a policy most dance schools have in place as part of their Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct. It ensures the safety and comfort of all students and parents. Imagine you as a 4-year-old, in your very first dance class, looking up to see a grown-up you don’t know taking your picture. Or imagine you as an adult, looking across the room to see another adult you don’t know filming your child’s dance class. From a copyright standpoint – it is actually against the law. Dance schools pay lots of money to be able to use and reproduce music in class, concerts and social media videos. What’s more, it is very awkward for you, the teacher and the other parents when the class has to be stopped so that you can be asked to stop filming. If you would like to capture the special moment, a photo before or after class is a better idea.

  3. Try not to discipline your child. It can be so tempting to call out “Mia – listen to Kristie” or “Sienna – are you concentrating!?”. It is expected for little people to get distracted during class and your teacher will be prepared for it. If it’s your child’s first dance class, they need to learn that for the next 45 minutes their dance teacher is the boss, not mum or dad. It is confusing for them to have instructions coming from all different directions and often will have the opposite effect. Remember, your teacher is a qualified professional. If they think your child is particularly disruptive or not quite ready for dance class, they will have a conversation with you about it. Sit back and relax and leave it to the pros.

  4. Don’t be disruptive. Switch phones off and refrain from a catch-up session with the other parents. Chatter can be really distracting for students AND the teacher. If possible, ensure your other children are looked after and entertained, not disturbing the class. Younger siblings, in particular, can be a point of distraction for big sisters and brothers who want to look after their younger sibling or want them to join in the class.


  1. Ask your child what they thought. Did they have fun? Would they like to come back? Was it scary? What was your favourite part? Often what you watched in the classroom can be different from what your child feels. There are many factors that determine where you send your child to dance but your child’s happiness should be high up on your priority list.

  2. Chat with the teacher. You might have questions or concerns or you’re not sure if that was the right class for your child. Voice these with the teacher. He/She may ease your concerns or they might know of a class that would be better suited to your child.

  3. Try again. For many little boys and girls, it can take a few classes to settle into the dance school environment. As mentioned earlier, it is a structured activity with many variables; loud music, lots of other children and parents, a new place, a new grown up, all of these things can trigger nerves and emotions even in the most confident of children. If your child loves to dance but struggled with their first lesson, it may be worth persisting for a few more classes. Every child is different and like with all things, each child will take to dance in their own way and in their own time.  

  4. Relax. Remember not to expect too much from your little dancer. Dance is a progressive art form and the skills involved take time to develop. They won’t be turning, leaping or performing cartwheels in their first class. Remember it’s not just about the dance steps. It’s about developing the whole person. From social skills to confidence, musicality and counting, healthy muscles and bones and making friends!

And the last thing; cut yourself some slack. Signing your child up to dance can be stressful. It means more bills to be paid, more uniforms to buy, more emails and newsletters to read and yet another after-school activity to get to on time. It may take you a while to find your own dancing feet but if you are feeding your child’s passion for dance, you are already doing a wonderful thing. Just take a deep breath, do your research and trust your instincts.

By Chloe Jobson – Co-Owner at Main St Funk Dance School Epping

January 2019

Hello and welcome back to another fabulous and funky year at Main St Funk. We are so pleased to see so many returning students and as equally excited to meet so many new students and their families. We are ready and roaring for a big year of dance and hope you are too. Here a few things to note as we kick off 2019.

When do classes commence for 2019?: We start back on Monday, Feb 4th.

What’s new in 2019?

  • A brand new age group! We now cater to children as young as 2.5 in our new Petite classes. Spread the word!
  • We welcome Tiana Lay from our Teen classes to the assistant teaching team. She has been dancing with MSF for nine years and makes a fabulous role model.

Location: Our address is 6/13 Lydia Court Epping 3076. We are located behind Bunnings on Cooper St.

Parking: MSF Students and parents are not permitted to park inside the complex. There is ample street parking available. We appreciate your co-operation with this as it helps us maintain a good relationship with our neighbouring tenants who need access to their car spaces at all times. When you park in their spots, we get in trouble. It is also a safety hazard for our students who walk up and down the thoroughfare, to have cars pulling in and out.

Uniform: Over the next few weeks please ensure your child is equipped with the correct dance attire and shoes as outlined on our uniform guideline here: https://mainstfunk.com/uniform-guidelines/

Parents:  Main St Funk do not allow spectators in the classroom except in the case of it being a child’s first class or if the teacher specifically invites the parents in. Please make use of our comfortable lounge area and tea and coffee facilities while you wait for your child to finish their class or you are welcome to drop and go. During your child’s first class with us you are welcome to watch but please ensure other siblings are supervised, phones are switched off and talking is kept to a minimum to limit distractions.

NO PHOTOS OR VIDEO POLICY: As per Main St Funk’s Child Safety Policy and Code of Conduct; parents, guardians, siblings and/or friends are not permitted to take photos or videos while class is in process. You are welcome to take photos of your child before or after class. The MSF code of conduct is agreed to upon enrollment. Please ensure you have read this: https://mainstfunk.com/code-of-conduct-child-safe-policy/

Fees: Term fees are due in the third week of each term and payable by online transfer, cheque or cash in a clearly labelled envelope. If paying online, ensure you put your child’s last name in the description.

Enrollment:  We are still accepting enrollments from new and returning Main St Funk students. If you haven’t enrolled or booked in for an obligation free trial class please do so asap on the parent portal. Many classes are already full with waiting lists but there is still lots of room for all of you. Enrol here: https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/mainstfunk

Important Dates: We are pleased to have locked in The Magis Theatre Loyola College (Watsonia) once again for our end of year performance and compulsory theatre rehearsal.  This year we will hold two concerts and two rehearsals. The school will be split into two casts – so each class will only perform in one concert ( and will be required for one rehearsal).  We will split the school later in the year when everyone has settled into their classes so please pencil in both concert dates and both rehearsal dates for now before we confirm which cast your child will be in. Senior and Teen students, you will perform in BOTH concerts. Petites will not perform in the concerts.

COMPULSORY THEATRE REHEARSAL: The rehearsal is the one and only compulsory event we run throughout the year and attendance is mandatory for all students who wish to participate in the end of year concert.

CAST 1: Wednesday 20th of November

CAST 2: Thursday 21st of November


CAST 1: Friday 29th of November

CAST 2: Saturday 30th of November

Our important dates page and google calendar are updated throughout the year to include things like; term dates, performance opportunities and mid-year concert. Check it out and sync your google calendar to ours so you never miss a reminder: https://mainstfunk.com/dates-events/

Comp Crew: We are still taking expressions of interest to join our friendly and inclusive competition team. No auditions required. More info here: https://mainstfunk.com/crew-competition-team/

Social Media: Make sure you are following Main St Funk on Facebook and Instagram. We love to post daily to give you inspiration, a sneak peek into our classes and to stay connected with our dancing family.



The most important thing to remember this year is that Main St Funk students dance for fun and because they love it. We encourage an inclusive, harmonious environment where our students are dedicated to their class and committed to working to the best of their ability, as a team. We are proud of the way we have mastered the balance of working hard and having fun and we are happy to have each and every one of you on board for 2019.

We are so looking forward to seeing you in the studio for a big year that’s all about dance! If you have any questions please shoot us an email!

Kristie, Carla and Chloe. x

#BOYSDANCETOO – Why we choose to provide co-educational dance classes.

A wonderful thing is happening in suburban dance schools around Melbourne, and the world…more and more boys are taking dance classes! This is fantastic for the ever-growing dance industry but more so for the young males who will receive all the benefits that learning to dance has to offer. If you’re not sure of the benefits of dance here is a super quick summary:

  • Fitness and agility
  • Strength
  • Healthy muscles and bones
  • Confidence
  • Self-expression
  • Mental Strength
  • And more! The list is never-ending.

Slowly but surely the “girls do ballet and boys do football” stigma is being squashed and many parents are embracing dance as an engaging and beneficial way for their sons to release their never-ending energy, express themselves and have fun.

Once he has voiced an interest in dance and music, mum and dad usually set out on a hunt for a “Boys Only Hip Hop Class” and “Dance Classes for Boys”…. but why? In 2019 when the fight for equality is high and there is a strong push for embracing every individual and all of their quirks, and all stereotypes and stigmas are being thrown out the window, why do boys need a dance class all to themselves? At Main St Funk we say, they don’t. We pride ourselves on providing co-educational dance classes to boys and girls of all ages and experience levels, not just because we aim to be fair and equal but because there are clear benefits to both genders in a co-educational dance class environment.

So what are they?

  1. It builds trust, respect, and boundaries and prepares them for the future.
    Upon leaving the dance studio, your child will re-enter a world that is 50 percent female and 50 percent male. They will interact with the opposite gender for the most part of every day of their lives; school, work, friends, family, playgrounds, the shops…what benefit is there in separating them at dance class? Learning together in an intimate environment such as a dance studio allows both parties to gain a better understanding of each other. They will know how to speak appropriately to each other, they will learn to understand each individual’s boundaries and it will teach them to be more empathetic to the opposite gender. Learning together builds trust between the two genders and diffuses the idea that we should be wary of people who are different to us; no more “cooties” or “boy germs”. Dance class can often be a “hands on” environment, boys will learn how to treat and respect women, which is such an important quality today and one that all boys should be learning. 

  2. A career in dance means a career with girls.
    If your son’s love for dance develops so strongly that he decides to turn his passion into a career, he will have no choice but to dance with girls. Tertiary level full-time dance courses are typically not gender specific. Which means if your son was to further his training on a more professional level he would be spending close to 40 hours a week in a dance studio, with women. That would be a pretty big shock to the system for someone who has only danced in a male-only environment. What’s more, a lot of professional dance gigs are diverse in gender and if your son is not capable of working with female dancers, it could cost him a job, his reputation, and even his career.

  3. Partnerwork.
    As mentioned above, most performance opportunities, whether it be a  corporate gig or a role in a show, are co-gender. Many choreographers love to feature partner work and lifts (think the famous lift in Dirty Dancing). Older boys, in a co-educational dance class, will have the opportunity to learn partner work and add lifts to their lists of skills. If you can tell an audition panel that you are confident and familiar with safely performing lifts and stunts and dancing with a partner, you are already at an advantage and will stand out amongst dancers who do not share the same skillset as you.  This is also an advantage for female dancers. If there are males in your dance class, you have the opportunity to learn new skills and tricks that might not typically be available in an all-girl environment.

  4. Boys and girls learn from each other.
    Throughout my years as a dance teacher, I have experienced both co-ed and boys only classes. Generally speaking, the boys only classes were rowdier and less structured. Girls, on the other hand, are more naturally adapted to the structure and routine of a dance class, it’s in their nature. Even though the boy students so needed and would benefit from structure and routine, it was harder to implement into a class environment where the pack mentality was “it’s playtime”. In a co-ed environment, the students are influenced by the other children in the class. In particular, the boys gained a quicker understanding of the way a dance class is structured and why it is structured that way. When the rest of the class is following suit in warm up and activities and remembering choreography the boys caught on and did the same. They were still having fun but receiving the benefits of dance class much quicker! In the same way, girls are also influenced by male students. Boys bring the energy up and create a positive vibe in the studio, which as you’ve heard MSF teachers say before “energy is contagious” Boys are naturally brave and will give new steps or activities a go without much hesitation, this “go for it” attitude rubs off on the other students. Lots of boys love the opportunity to lead by example and be a role model. In a co-ed environment, they often rise to the challenge by setting a great example and encouraging their classmates. Voila! Now we have a high energy, productive class where kids are having fun and trying new things. Thanks, boys and girls!

  5. It promotes equality and fairness.
    Whether your child is male or female, young or old, beginner or advanced, at Main St Funk we treat all of our students as equals. We don’t want to tell boys that they can only participate in one particular style of class a week. We don’t want our female students to just accept that boys are entitled to a class that is exclusive and special just for them. Boys and girls, you are all important to us and we want you to feel comfortable in all of the many classes and opportunities we have available to you. And really, in 2019 when everyone is fighting for equality and acceptance, why are dance schools moving backward and continuing to segregate boys from girls? A good dance teacher should be able to cater to all of the individuals in the classroom and create a dynamic learning environment that benefits every student. It doesn’t matter if the class is co-educational or not, there will always be a variety of learning styles and personalities that the teacher needs to adapt to.

And so, the short version of this blog: “Why Should You Enrol Your Son Into A Co-Ed Dance Class?” A co-educational dance class will encourage your son to be a team player and to have a strong work ethic. Not only will he learn some killer dance moves but he will grow into a respectful, approachable and trustworthy young man who has an open mind and is prepared to live, work and dance in a diverse world where both genders play an important role.

During my time as a dance student I made many friends, lots of whom were male. So at the very least, a co-educational dance class might mean your child makes a few extra friends that they would otherwise not have had the opportunity to.

Right now, your son is probably just dancing for fun and to let off some of that after-school steam but at Main St Funk we see the bigger picture.

By Chloe Jobson – Co-Owner at Main St Funk Dance School and dance teacher to boys and girls for over 12 years.

November 2018

OH….EM….GEE! November is here and the Main St Funk concert is knocking on our door. We would like to thank you all for an amazing year of hard work, dedication and fun.  Please see below a few friendly reminders in relation to the end of year events!


We are excited to welcome professional videographer Nick from MODE Video Productions to film our Matinee show. MODE are an experienced and reputable company who film many dance concerts and other events each year. Nick’s philosophy is to ensure all children on stage can be seen on the screen (he doesn’t like to crop kids out) and he ensures a high quality product with a fast turn around! Woohoo! DVD’s are $36 each and can be ordered and paid for online. Please do so before concert day. They make beautiful keepsakes and great Christmas presents for relatives.

DVD ORDER FORM + PAYMENT: https://www.trybooking.com/ZHPQ


Thank you once again for your efforts on photo day. Bianca from Zelie Imaging is busy editing your prints. These will be available to purchase in the weeks leading up to concert as well as at rehearsal and concert day. Photos are $12 each or 6 for $60 and digital copies of your purchases are available for $25. Each year your photos are just stunning and this year is no different. You are going to LOVE your 2018 photos.


There are still great seats available for our two concerts – it’s not too late for your friends and family to come along. Online ticket sales will close on November 30. Tickets will be distributed during class in the weeks leading up to the concert. Tickets will not be handed out to families who have fees owing so please finalise your balance ASAP.

PURCHASE TICKETS: https://www.trybooking.com/XNKF


Don’t forget about our rehearsal at the theatre on Wednesday the 5th of December starting at 4pm sharp. This is our one and only compulsory event for the year and attendance is mandatory for all students who are participating in the concert/s. No parents will be required but all students under the age of 16 will need to be signed in by their parents on arrival and signed out once dismissed.


Please ensure you are punctual and organised on concert day. Any lost or damaged costume items will need to be replaced by you prior to the performance. Students are to arrive with their hair and makeup done, in loose comfortable clothing with all costume items packed. We recommend separate snaplock bags for each costume and a tub/bucket instead of a bag for all costumes. This means costumes can be piled in neatly and will be easy to locate.


All mini and tiny students will be buddied up with an older student who will care for them backstage and help them get ready for each dance. Junior students will be buddied up with a classmate to help each other get ready. All students will be well cared for and supervised throughout both shows and the rehearsal. Parents are not permitted backstage or in the dressing room at any time throughout the concert or rehearsal including during interval and between the Matinee and Evening Show. Please ensure your child packs something to eat (nothing too messy), lots of water, make up and hairspray for touch ups and for those who are only in a few dances, a colouring book (no textas) or book to read would be handy to have as well. If your child requires medication please place in a snaplock bag clearly labelled with the child’s name and dosage and place somewhere where it will be easy to find OR hand it in to an MSF team member. In the event that your child does need you, we can always give you a call but we have never had to do that in 12 years of concerts! So sit back, relax, enjoy the show and know that your kids are in good hands.


Don’t disappear after the concert! Main St Funk invites you to a fun and FREE week of dance at our very first Orientation Week!

Monday December 10 – Saturday December 15 2018

Get to know your teachers.
Meet your new dancing friends .
Get a feel for the 2019 timetable – (Coming Soon!!)
Relax and enjoy learning new dance routines and skills without the pressure of an upcoming performance.

It’s the perfect way to finish off a fabulous year AND to help you decide what classes you want to take next year. Try one or try them all, the sky is the limit!


Shortly you will receive emails containing information in relation to; arrival and finishing times on rehearsal and concert day, the order of your dances and costumes, 2019 timetable and re-enrolment. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we prepare for the busiest and most wonderful time of the year!

Check out our latest blog “How To Be “Next Level” Organised At Your Dance Concert” for 10 handy life hacks for concert day.


What an adventure 2018 has been, let’s finish the year off with a BANG!

Kristie, Carla and Chloe xx

October 2018

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to term 4, the most exciting time of the year in the dance world! We can’t wait for all of the exciting things we have lined up for our hardworking and gorgeous students.


  • Please check the kit list for day and time for your child’s class.
  • If your child does multiple classes, ensure you check ALL classes that your child attends
  • Mini and Tiny parents please stay with your child on photo day to assist with dressing your child.
  • Junior, Inter and Senior parents are not required on photo day. There will not be enough space at the studio to fit you all and it is great practice for the students as we do not have parents backstage on concert day.
  • Pick up times are approximate.
  • Students must arrive to photo day and concert day with their hair and makeup done.



  • Makeup for photo day is optional and at the discretion of parents and students
  • Stage make up is compulsory for all students (including boys!) on concert day. The purpose of stage makeup is to highlight the performers’ natural features. Professional stage lighting blurs out our features on stage and on the DVD footage. It is important to wear makeup so that the audience can see your face. This means in person, your make up will appear quite “full on” but on stage it will appear natural.
  • GIRLS: Liquid foundation (usually a little darker than day wear), setting powder, red blush along the apples of the cheek, eyebrow pencil, brown eyeshadow on eyelid, white eyeshadow under eyebrows, eyeliner on top eyelid with a wing/flick, no eyeliner under eyes, mascara (or false lashes if preferred), bright red lip liner, bright red lipstick.
  • NATURAL TONES ONLY. Please no blue, purple or glitter. Thank you.
  • Here is a great tutorial put together by past MSF student and make up artist Anna Papa:https://youtu.be/3Sz-NWTgumI
  • BOYS: An earthy (not metallic/glittery) bronzer or powder all over face. Mascara. Eyeliner- no wing, a light pink blush along cheekbones, a smudge of red lipstick. (use your finger, do not apply the way mum would for a night out.)


  • Styling your hair for a performance is much different to styling your hair for school or a day out. Hair should not be left limp or natural. All students require lots of product (eg; gel, hairspray, moose) as well as bobby pins/hair pins.
  • Buns require hair nets.
  • Hair ties and hair pins must be the same colour as your hair
  • ALL MINI + TINY STUDENTS + JUNIOR BALLET students require two “pigtail buns” at the top of the head.
  • ALL JUNIOR HIP HOP + JUNIOR JAZZ students require hair to be slicked back into a tight high ponytail. Hair must be straightened to ensure neatness and uniformity.
  • ALL INTER STUDENTS require two slick braids.
  • ALL SENIOR STUDENTS require a half ponytail with styled curls.
  • ALL BOYS: Funky styled hair with gel


  • Please refer to your kit list and ensure that your child has packed ALL ITEMS listed for their class.
  • We also encourage packing spare items where possible to allow for accidents etc.
  • The items on your kit list are the “base” of your outfit.
  • We provide the costume items (the glitz and glam!)
  • The costumes will be distributed to you on photo day. After that they are your responsibility and you are to bring them on concert day.
  • Please do not let your child wear or play with their costume.
  • You will bear the cost of any lost or damaged costume items that need to be replaced.
  • Some costume items are yours to keep after the concert, others will need to be returned to us on concert day. This will be made clearer when you receive them.

As you know, Main St Funk do not charge a large costume fee. A tiny portion of your class fee goes towards our costume budget. To have costumes “made to measure” is very expensive. Therefore our team creatively source and make the costumes ourselves. This means that when you receive your costume, it may not be your exact ideal size. We use clever tricks of the trade to ensure it fits you and looks suitable for a photo shoot and a performance. We work very hard to make sure you will look and feel great on stage. Each one of your costumes is carefully considered before it is allocated to you and takes months of hard work. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


All junior, inter and senior students are required for both concerts. Participating in both shows is compulsory and students will not be dismissed to their parents until after the second show; approx 7pm.

If you are unsure what is required of your child please ask.

We can’t wait to see you all sparkle in front of the camera and on stage! Stay tuned for some exciting and fun performance opportunities coming your way!

Kristie, Carla + Chloe xx