Dancing with Summer

Attention all little MSF kids with itchy feet and ants in their pants…

Our gorgeous and clever assistant teacher Summer (who is only 11 years old!!!) has created an online dance tutorial just for you!
This class is suitable for all Petite, Mini, and Tiny dancers.

We recommend setting it up on the tv or a large PC screen, making sure your dancer has lots of space and we encourage mums, dads, and siblings, to join in too.

We would love to show Summer some photos or videos of the MSF kids taking her class so please send them through OR why not write Summer a thank-you letter or draw her a picture.

We are so very lucky to have such clever, innovative and thoughtful students like Summer, a dance teacher in the making!

P.S Please note the youtube links are set to “private” so you will not be able to search for these videos on Youtube. Make sure you save the links in case your little dancer wants to dance with Summer again and again.

Have fun everyone! xx


BALLET EPISODE 1: https://youtu.be/XG3BxugIDSo
BALLET EPISODE 2: https://youtu.be/Ox1kZg6iz-E

Active April

Hi Dance Fam,

We hope you are well and staying safe (and sane!) and are adjusting to our new normal.

As promised, we have a range of activities planned to help keep The MSF kids active, engaged and dancing away the boredom.

Please find attached our Active April calendar. There is a different challenge or activity planned for every day of the month!

Feel free to print it out and get the whole family involved.

We would love to see your kids having a blast and trying new things so please take photos and videos and tag us when posting to Facebook, Instagram, and your stories, using the tag @mainstfunk #MSFathome. If you don’t have social media, please feel free to email us instead.

The first challenge is “re-design the MSF t-shirt.” Keep your eyes peeled on your inbox for a t-shirt template coming your way.

This is just the beginning, we have MUCH more planned and while we are missing our gorgeous students, we are excited to stay connected with you all and to keep the fun going.

Dancing is our happy place and with the studio temporarily closed, that does not have to change.

Keep dancing dance fam, keep in touch and keep looking after each other.

The MSF Team xx



How To Maintain a Structured Day in Isolation – With Your Children.

It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed with this “new normal” business. 😅

Try to keep a structured routine for you and your kids and fill your day with fun, learning, and adventure. Their curious minds need stimulation and a challenge. 💪🏻

Remember quality over quantity. It is stressful times for children too and they do need to maintain a little bit of structure. What they really need is lots of hugs, books to read, family movie time and something to look forward to each day. 🧡


A Letter to The MSF Kids

To you, our dance student,

The little one with the big heart,
The grown-up one, independent and smart,
The big kid who is friends with everyone,
You who takes things seriously and you who’s always having fun.
To all who are filled with confidence and to those who are a little bit shy,
To every beautiful ballerina and every cool hip hop guy…

We want to say we’re sorry, we know you feel let down.
We know your heart feels broken and you can’t help but frown.

The world around you is changing and you keep on hearing “NO”,
No hugs, no hi-5s, no special trips and now another blow, 

Unfortunately, for a little while, there will be no dance,
But we want you to know, we would dance with you every day if we had the chance.

You are not being punished, this is not about you.
It’s about keeping the people around you safe, healthy, happy and you too.

Did you know you are a superhero and the world is yours to save?
Making this sacrifice shows that you are clever, selfless and brave. 

By not coming to dance class and other special places,
You are helping doctors, nurses and Australia’s leaders to put smiles back on people’s faces.

As you adapt to all of the changes and learning all of the new,
We urge you not to forget all of the special things that make you, YOU!

Don’t forget about your dancing friends, you won’t see them in a while.
Give them a call or draw them a picture, this will make them smile.

Don’t forget music and how it makes you feel,
Don’t forget to have fun, to laugh, run around and giggle and squeal.

Don’t forget sunshine and to get some fresh air,
Don’t forget to show the people around you that you care.

Don’t forget what it feels like to be a real friend,
To hug tight, hi-5 and hold hands til’ the end.

Don’t forget about movies and how exciting it is to go,
And don’t forget about exploring and discovering things that you don’t already know.

Don’t forget about your passions whether it be singing, swimming or sport,
Keep them up another way like researching, reading or watching videos of the sort.

Please don’t forget about dance and how it brings you so much joy.
You don’t need a studio to just move and groove and fill that void. 

We want you to keep dancing, that will always be true,
Just for a little while, we can’t dance with you. 

But, don’t forget about your dance teachers, they miss you so so much.
They are not away on holiday or having fun without you or resting as such.

Their whole life revolves around their dancing lessons and they will miss the studio too.
And right now they are feeling sad and a little lost without you.

And don’t forget your orange spot and all it represents,
You are a part of something special, a team, a  family and you will always have an important presence. 

And remember, just as the sun says to the moon,
This is not “goodbye”, this is “see you soon!”

Dancing will be back, that much we know.
But until then we hope you stay happy, healthy and continue to grow!

You are a special person because you are one of us,
Once an MSF kid, always an MSF kid, that much you can trust.

From your dance teachers at Main St Funk.

Written By Chloe Jobson – Co-Principal at MSF.

Coronavirus Update 21/03/20

Hello Dance Family,

As you know, we have been following the news and government announcements closely regarding COVID-19. 

After careful consideration, we have made the decision to finish Term 1 one week early, with last classes being Saturday, March 21

Reasons behind this decision
Up until now, we believed it was appropriate to stay open as long as the schools were open, with significant additional hygiene and social distancing measures in place. 

As the situation has developed The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services have recently issued some relevant advice:

  • Parents have been asked to “Consider whether your child/young person’s out-of-school activities are essential” 
  • Schools have been asked to “Cancel non-essential group activities such as study visits, extra-curricular activities, camps, and sporting events”

While there is no specific directive for us as a dance studio, we believe this advice applies to us. 

There have been no cases of Covid-19 within our school, but we feel we have a responsibility to protect our extended community. Pausing our beloved dance, for the time being, is the gesture we can make toward flattening the curve.

This is a stressful time for the whole community, and we know coming to MSF has been an important outlet for many students and their families and we do not take this decision lightly. 

When will we recommence?
At this stage, we expect a delayed start to Term 2.

We will continue to monitor the advice and be back with bells on as soon as it is appropriate, and we will keep in touch with you about this. Term 2 invoices will not be sent out until we have a starting date. 

In the meantime, we will keep supporting your child’s dance journey
Classes may be on pause, but our dance family will adapt and continue to thrive together. We will be in touch regularly during the break with practice videos and fun activities so that our students can continue to engage with dance as much as possible from home. Please make sure you’ve signed up to all of our social media platforms and keep an eye on your email inbox so that you and your children can continue to participate.

We would also like to extend thanks to you our dance family for calmly getting on with it.
For coming to class with enthusiasm, embracing our new procedures, for keeping us informed of your decisions to stay home, and respecting the decisions of others. This situation has brought out the best and worst behaviors in society, and we are grateful (but not surprised) to be seeing the best from all of you.

A Poem from Chloe to all MSF kids
How you talk to your children about these events is, of course, a personal one. Younger children may simply need to know that there will be a break from dancing (like the summer holidays) and we will be practicing at home. Older children who are aware of the virus and its impacts may need a different approach. Chloe has written a heartfelt poem, attached to this email, to the students. If you think it’s appropriate for your child, we hope you might find it helpful to read some or all of it together.

In any case, you can assure your child that:

  • MSF has not shut down- dance class will start up again when we can
  • None of your teachers are sick
  • During this time away from the studio, we will be busy gaining inspiration and ideas and planning choreography for our concerts, which we hope will be bigger, better and more magical than ever.

We do hope we have your continued support and we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the kindness, patience, and understanding you have already shown us in these uncertain times. In 14 years of business, we have jumped many hurdles, illnesses, had babies, moved twice and then the construction back in 2018. We were blown away by the patience, loyalty and understanding our dance families showed us back then when things didn’t go to plan, you stuck by us through it all. We never thought we would have to ask the same of you again so soon but here we are.

It is uncertain times for ALL, so please know you can always reach out to us if you or your child need anything.

We wish you all the very best. Stay safe and healthy and you will be hearing from us very soon.

Lots of love,

Kristie, Carla and Chloe.



COVID-19 UPDATE – 18/03/20

Hi Everyone, 

Just a quick update in regards to the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic and a few reminders.


  • WE ARE STILL OPEN AND CLASSES ARE RUNNING AS NORMAL. We will continue, as always, to run in line with the Victorian Public School system and for the time being, will remain open as long as the schools are open.
  • THERE HAVE BEEN NO CASES OF COVID-19 AND NO KNOWN CLOSE CONTACT CASES OF COVID-19 WITHIN OUR DANCE COMMUNITY. In the event that either of these does occur, we will take any necessary action as advised by the department of health.
  • PLEASE INFORM US IF YOU ARE CHOOSING TO DISTANCE YOUR CHILDREN FROM DANCE CLASS. We understand many of you will make this decision, please let us know if this is the case. Classes with a significant amount of absences will be canceled or rescheduled.
  • PLEASE CONTINUE TO BE VIGILANT AND KEEP YOUR CHILD HOME FROM DANCING IF THEY ARE UNWELL. And please let us know if they will be missing class, as above.
  • PARENTS IF YOUR PRESENCE AT THE STUDIO IS NOT ESSENTIAL, PLEASE DO NOT WAIT FOR YOUR CHILD AT THE STUDIO. Please practice social distancing by dropping your child off and returning for pick up.
  • IF YOUR CHILD NEEDS ASSISTANCE WITH GOING TO THE TOILET OR CHANGING IN/OUT OF DANCEWEAR, PLEASE STAY. In line with our limited contact policy, MSF staff members will not be assisting students with going to the toilet or changing their clothes.
  • CONTINUE TO TAKE CLASS WITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE, EAGERNESS TO LEARN AND TENACIOUS ENERGY. The show must go on! And, we know emotions are high and many in our community might be feeling stressed or anxious. Please make a conscious effort to continue to speak with kindness and care. Dancing is our happy place, let’s keep it that way.


If you missed our previous update on March 13, please click here: https://mainstfunk.com/2020/03/13/corona-virus-update/

To inform of absences, or discuss concerns please contact mainstfunk@gmail.com 

Thank you.

Kristie, Carla & Chloe x


Dear MSF Families,

What a unique and interesting start to the year we are having! We are talking of course about the COVID-19 Corona Virus. We are writing to you to inform you of the steps and measures the MSF team are taking or may have to take, to ensure that our studio remains a safe space and you or your child’s happy place.

Main St Funk will continue to listen and follow the advice given by the government bodies and so at this stage (13/03/20) Main St Funk will remain open, with all classes running as normal but with added procedures in place, with our student’s health and wellbeing in mind.


  • Don’t come to dancing when sick. Keep your child home from dancing if they display cold, flu, gastro or otherwise contagious symptoms. If you’re sick but your child is well, please consider dropping your child off at dancing and picking up after class, rather than waiting for them in the studio or have another adult take them to dance that week. Keep sick siblings home too.


  • Stay home for the recommended 14 day isolation period if you have traveled to any of the affected countries. Inform the MSF team if this is what you are doing and if you have recently traveled.
  • Bring your own drink bottle. In an effort to reduce the spread of germs, MSF will no longer provide communal cups and glasses for drink breaks. Bottles of water will be available to purchase for those who forget. Don’t share bottles with another student. Mums and Dads who would like a tea or coffee, please BYO cup.
  • Practice effective handwashing and encourage your children to do the same. Soap and running water for at least 20 seconds. Try to wash your hands on arrival at dancing.
  • Refrain from human to human contact. Limit hugs, holding hands, etc. 




  • Refrain from student-student contact and teacher-student contact. This means no holding hands, partner work, no hugs or hi-5s, etc.
  • Refrain from the use of props and refrain from the use of the ballet barre. As these are high traffic areas. Ballet teachers have been advised to disinfect the ballet barre before and after class if it is a vital necessity in their lesson plan.
  • Extra vigilance with disinfecting equipment, including the acro mat, between classes.
  • Call in sick. We have asked our teachers to take extra caution and to stay home when sick, even when they might usually be capable of choosing to push through with their classes. Please be understanding and remember by calling in sick, your teachers are practicing their duty of care. This may mean substitute teachers will be called in to take classes or classes may be canceled.




  • We are closely monitoring the situation and will take action as advised to do so by the government and also keeping in mind decisions made by our local schools, childcares, and kindergartens.
  • We uphold a high level of hygiene and cleanliness. We have increased our weekly professional clean to twice weekly and on the “in-between” days the studio is maintained by the MSF team, including but not limited to mopping, vacuuming and disinfecting common areas including the bathroom and toilet.
  • We have removed all communal items. Including cups, glasses, and cutlery.
  • Water bottles will be for sale. For those who forget their own as it is important to remain hydrated.
  • We will show understanding towards absences. We understand the extra caution you will take when you and/or your child are sick so we understand a lower attendance rate than usual.
  • We will get on with it. The show must go on as they say and we will not take any drastic measures unless it is necessary to do so. We ask that if your child is well, they continue to take their dance classes as normal (following the above guidelines) because, during stressful times, children thrive off normality, structure, and consistency. We acknowledge that closure may be a possibility and so coming to dance class, whilst it is still available to them, is more important for their progress and to ensure they don’t fall behind.

Please know, this email was in an effort to reassure you and not to panic you. We will continue to keep you informed and we hope that our studio can be a place of calm for you and your children.

So for now, let’s kick up our feet and keep dancing!

Kristie, Carla, and Chloe.

Social Media Best Times Post Infographic


WOW! What a great start to the year we have had. The twenties are off to a roar just as we thought they would be. It has been so lovely to meet so many new and eager dance families so far this year, as well as welcome back so many loyal and committed returning students too. This newsletter contains some exciting and important information about two upcoming performance opportunities available to all students from Minis-Seniors, so keep reading!


One of our local primary schools, St Mary of the Cross Mackillop, where many of the MSF kids attend and MSF Principal Kristie also teaches, is holding a fun and exciting school fete to raise funds for the Save Our Sons foundation. This event is in honor of a local boy who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy disease which causes progressive muscle degeneration and weakness. The MSF Kids have been asked to perform and entertain the crowd! This is a great opportunity to practice performing in front of a relaxed and encouraging audience, bond with your classmates and get involved with the local community for a great cause. The fete will also include, rides, food trucks, face painting and more fun activities which you are invited to join in, after your performance.

WHEN: Saturday, March 7
WHERE: SMCM Primary School located on Farmhouse Boulevard in Epping.
WEAR: Class uniform as outlined on our website: https://mainstfunk.com/uniform-shoe-hair-requirements/


For the sixth year in a row, Main St Funk has been invited to perform at the City of Whittlesea Community Festival. This event is always a highlight in our dancing year and it is a great day out with family and friends. Performing at the festival has always been a positive experience and in 2019, we had close to 100 Main St Funk students attend to perform on the day. We highly encourage you all to come along, get up on stage and have fun!

WHEN: Sunday, March 15
WHERE: Whittlesea Public Gardens, Barry Rd Lalor – Meet at the Youth Stage.
WEAR: Class uniform as outlined on our website: https://mainstfunk.com/uniform-shoe-hair-requirements/

Even if you can’t make it, please fill out the form so that we know to stop bugging you. 😉



At Main St Funk we aim to look out for every child and cater our classes to ensure they are a positive and safe experience for all involved. If your child has a medical condition or takes medication, please get in touch with the MSF team so that we can discuss what we can do for your child. Other things you may like to let us know about are learning difficulties, injuries or any personal or family situations that you feel may affect the way your child learns or behaves in class.

Thank you to everyone who has kindly respected our ‘Street Parking Only’ rule. We have seen a significant improvement since last year. We ask parents to park in the street to ensure the safety of our students walking up and down the thoroughfare and to maintain a good relationship with our neighbors, who require access to their spots at all times. The three car parks out the front of our studio are for MSF staff only. Thank you again!

Main St Funk has in place a set of uniform guidelines. Please start ensuring you/your child start coming to class dressed in accordance with these. A uniform promotes a sense of unity and teamwork and helps students get into the right mindset for dance class (dress like a dancer, feel like a dancer) and it helps the teacher see the student’s body line, ensuring they can correct technique and prevent injuries. See uniform guideline here: https://mainstfunk.com/uniform-shoe-hair-requirements/


The theatre rehearsal is the one and only compulsory event we run throughout the year and attendance is mandatory for all students who wish to participate at the end of year concert. This year we have secured a Saturday rehearsal for the whole school. This means no late-night rehearsals on a school night and our senior school, who perform in all three shows, will only be required at the one rehearsal. Arrival and finishing times will be confirmed closer to the date. For now, please keep the day free to ensure you and your child won’t be disappointed.


  • In 2020 MSF will hold 3 ends of year concerts. Most classes will perform in one concert only.
    • All seniors, teens, inter/teen jazz and inter/teen ballet/contemporary will perform in all 3 shows.
    • Petites do not perform in the concerts.
    • The symbols marked under each class on the timetable refer to the concert group. If you have enrolled siblings or in multiple classes, please ensure you have chosen classes within the same concert group. 
  • The concert dates were originally sent out in December 2019, however, due to our videographer’s availability, we have had to make a very slight change. Please note down your concert group’s date in your diary. See below.


Make sure you are following Main St Funk on Facebook and Instagram. We love to post daily to give you inspiration, a sneak peek into our classes and to stay connected with our dancing family. www.facebook.com/mainstfunk www.instagram.com/mainstfunk

One last thing… most important thing to remember this year is that Main St Funk students dance for fun and because they love it. We encourage an inclusive, harmonious environment where our students are dedicated to their class and committed to working to the best of their ability, as a team. We are proud of the way we have mastered the balance of working hard and having fun and we are happy to have each and every one of you on board for the roaring twenties.


“I’ve got a question, how do I get in touch?” – The best way to get in touch with the MSF team is by email mainstfunk@gmail.com We welcome phone calls but we can’t answer during teaching hours so please leave a voice message!







We are so excited to enter a new decade with our dancing family and to celebrate Main St Funk’s 14th birthday. It is with big warm hearts that we welcome back SO MANY returning and dedicated students and we are equally excited to meet lots of new faces too who are starting their dancing journey with Main St Funk.


Along with our gorgeous students, we also welcome back our resident teaching legends, Nakarin and Bree, along with two new teachers, Laura and Holly, who already fit in perfectly with our dancing family.

Many of our younger classes are also privileged with a fantastic student teacher to assist them in their learning each week. We welcome back Stephanie, Evie, Keira, and Tiana and welcome to the team, Summer! These students have been with Main St Funk for a number of years and have shown a high level of dedication and passion for dance and working with the younger MSF kids sparks a joy and sense of acheivement in each of them.

If you would like to know more about your dance teachers, check out our staff page on the website: https://mainstfunk.com/meet-the-team/


As always, in 2020 we aim to continue our legacy of being a welcoming, inclusive, FUN and vibrant dance school. We strongly believe in ensuring every student feels special and valued in our community and we hope that as each of you walk through our studio door, that not only do you experience the benefit of our big family culture but you also uphold the Main St Funk spirit by being kind, having a positive attitude and trying your very best. This standard filters right through our school, from our leading teaching team, to our younger students and even our dance parents.

If you are new to MSF, you may have signed up for our dance classes because you want your child to dance for fun, fitness, and friendships. We absolutely provide an environment for these things to flourish but please know, we also instill in each of our students a strong work ethic and we encourage our students to be dedicated and committed to dance in a way that is realistic and sustainable. We encourage our students to approach dance by putting their best foot forward, having a positive mindset and knowing that it is ok to make mistakes and to be a “work in progress.”

At Main St Funk we have found a fabulous balance where our students are consistently challenged to work to the best of their abilities and at the same time, have fun and make amazing memories along the way. 

We have eliminated the pressures that are often associated with dance class by teaching a quality dance education without competitions, exam results or report cards and there is no in-house competitiveness because every student is “the star” in their own special way. We aim to encourage our students to work as a team, to applaud in each other’s acheivements and to aim to be THEIR best not THE best.

Main St Funk has made a mark in the local community because our reputation for being an all-inclusive, welcoming dance school is beyond compare. Our vision was to create an environment that felt like family but that doesn’t work without the wonderful kids and parents who share and uphold our values. So thank you, for contributing to what makes Main St Funk a dance school with a difference and for ensuring dancing is ours, and all of the MSF kids’, happy place! 

We can’t wait to welcome you all back, or for the first time, into our dancing home and we just know, with the MSF spirit soaring stronger than ever, that 2020 is going to be a great year. LET’S ROAR!

Kristie Carla and Chloe xx

We know with a new year comes lots of questions so please check out our FAQs page to ensure you are prepared and equipped for a great year of dance: https://mainstfunk.com/2020/01/29/frequently-asked-questions/


As a new year of dance approaches, please see below a simple guide to all of your quick and easy questions. Of course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the MSF team if you have more questions.

When do dance classes start back?
Main St Funk runs inline with the public school terms. Term 1 begins Monday, Feb 3rd and finishes Saturday, March 28th. 

What does my child need to wear?
To start with, just wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. eg: leggings and a t-shirt. Main St Funk Does have a uniform policy in place, however, we allow the first term as a grace period to allow the students to settle in and decide on their classes and to give their parents the opportunity to source good quality and affordable options. Please read our uniform policy here: https://mainstfunk.com/uniform-shoe-hair-requirements/

What kind of shoes is appropriate for dance class?
For hip hop, we recommend a supportive sneaker, similar to what the kids wear on sports days at school. Eventually, you will require plain black shoes for performances however these are not compulsory for weekly classes. If enrolled in ballet or jazz, you will need to buy the correct dance shoes from a dancewear store. These are also outlined in the uniform policy linked above. 

Do we need to bring anything else to class?
Yes, every child is required to bring a water bottle to each class. Please ensure this is filled up before class starts and is clearly labeled with your child’s name. If your child requires medication, eg. Asthma Puffer, please pack that in their dancing bag each week and if they are at the studio for a big block of classes, eg. 3 hours, feel free to pack a quick, healthy snack.

Where is the studio?
Main St Funk is located at factory number 6 at 13 Lydia Court Epping. We are tucked away behind the Epping Bunnings on Cooper St.

Where do we park our car?
There is ample parking available in Lydia Court and Taryn Drive. It is street parking only and parking is not permitted inside the complex or out the front of our studio. This is out of respect for our neighbors, who have not expressed permission to use their car spaces but more importantly for the safety of our students who walk up and down the thoroughfare to and from the studio.

What time should we get to the studio?
Aim to get to the studio 10 minutes before class starts. This will give you time to park, take your child to the toilet, fill up drink bottles, change shoes if needed and will help your child settle in. Arriving rushed or late can create an anxious and stressful situation for your child and may mean they miss out on important things at the beginning of class.

Can I sit and watch my child’s class?
In general, no, we don’t allow spectators in the studio during class as we find it to be disruptive for the children and teacher. We do however believe it is important that you know what happens in an MSF dance class and for you to be assured the class is suitable for your child, so we do allow you to sit and watch your child’s first class with Main St Funk. Please refrain from talking while the class is on and remember not to take any photos or videos during class.

Why can’t I take photos or videos of my child while they are in dance class?
Main St Funk has a strict “No Photos or Videos” policy. This is in line with our child safety code of conduct and copyright laws. We understand the importance of capturing special milestones so we encourage you to take photos of your child before and after class but never during. We will have a special photo station set up which you are welcome to use. You agreed to our policies and procedures upon enrolling in our classes. Please have another read if you need to clarify anything: https://mainstfunk.com/code-of-conduct-child-safe-policy/

I’m not sure if my child wants to dance or what style of class they will like. Can they do a trial class?
Absolutely! Your first class with Main St Funk is always an obligation free trial. This means if they try the class and it’s not for them, you won’t be charged.

What happens if I or my child can’t make a class?
Main St Funk encourage full attendance where possible but understand that sometimes illness, school camp and holidays can get in the way. If you’re going to be absent, a courtesy email or text is appreciated. Please remember, missing lots of dance classes can cause stress and anxiety for the child who will need to work extra hard to catch up. Please avoid missing dance class where possible to ensure a more positive experience for your child and to help their confidence grow.

Do you offer make-up classes?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer make-up classes for missed lessons. Each of our classes are taught by different teachers and working on different lesson plans and choreography. We also find that attending a class time that is out of their ordinary routine, with a group of students they don’t know and a teacher they haven’t met, can actually end up being a stressful experience for the student and of little benefit to their progress.

Can I get a refund for missed classes?
Unfortunately, Main St Funk cannot offer a refund for occasional missed lessons. As our fees are all-inclusive, we charge the same amount per term regardless of the number of classes. In the event of an extended planned absence, i.e. a family holiday for 3 weeks or more, we can on occasion, adjust the fees. Please talk to the MSF team in advance of your planned, extended absence.

How do I get in touch with the MSF team if I have questions or concerns throughout the year?
You can send us an email, text or give us a call.
Remember to leave a voice message if we don’t get to the phone in time.
If you need to talk to us in person, just come up to the front desk if we are not teaching at the time. Otherwise, please call ahead to make an appropriate time to talk. Usually, your teacher will have classes either side of your child’s so they will not always be available to chat before or after your class. Please also refrain from contacting the MSF team on their personal Facebook or Instagram pages. If they are on social media, they are not at work.
E: mainstfunk@gmail.com PH: 0433220973 (Chloe)

Uh oh, the holidays got away from me and I haven’t signed up for any classes yet. Is it too late?
No, it’s not too late! Some of our classes are full but we do have lots of options still available. Enroll for your class of choice here: https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/mainstfunk

Are there any important dates or events I should know about?
Yes, Main St Funk students work towards a big end of year concert! We also hold a casual mid-year performance, one compulsory rehearsal and are often invited to perform at local community events. The dates + events page on our website is updated regularly and already lists our end of year concert and rehearsal dates. Check it out to stay organized: https://mainstfunk.com/dates-events/

Still, feeling nervous?
Have a read of our article “My Baby’s First Dance Class, What do I do?” for further hints and tips. Even if you are not a first-time dance parent, there are some great tips in there: https://mainstfunk.com/2019/01/23/my-babys-first-dance-class-what-do-i-do/

Want to stay in the loop?
Follow Main St Funk on social media for daily updates, sneak peeks, inspiration and friendships. Join our private Facebook group to stay in the know and don’t forget to subscribe to our blog.