Hi MSF dance fam,

Isn’t the year just flying by? We have officially hit concert season! This is the most exciting time of the year and is what our wonderful dancers work towards all year. It is when all of their hard work comes to fruition.

First up, we have PHOTO WEEK which will be held in WEEK 1 OF TERM 4.

What is Photo Week? During photo week, all students will have the opportunity to have professional photos taken in their concert costumes. It is an opportunity for all students to feel special and have a moment in the spotlight. These photos are then available to purchase. They make beautiful keepsakes and are a lovely way to remember a special year of dance. The MSF Team and our professional photographer ensure every MSF kid feels like a supermodel on the day.

So what do we need to wear? MSF will provide you with your costumes on the day. Students/parents will receive a “kit list” which outlines what you need to provide/wear yourselves. The “kitlist” is the base of your costume and will include basic things like, nude coloured undergarments, black leggings, ballet tights etc. (depending on your class). They are very basic items and we will make sure we get your kitlist to you prior to the school holidays so that you have that time to source your items. 

What about hair? Each class will have a designated hairstyle. This will be outlined on your kitlist. Please note, that perfect grooming is required for photo day. This means hairspray, gel, and pins. This will also be your required hairstyle for concert day and remember, we want your hairstyle to last for the entire performance. Don’t worry, we like to keep it as simple as possible and we will provide you with a tutorial.

Do we need make-up for photos? Make-up is optional for photo day but our photographer does recommend at least a little bit of colour as the professional lighting can be quite exposing. A full face of stage makeup is COMPULSORY for all students for concert day, so it is a great idea to use photo day as a practice run.

Are we required for the whole week? No, to keep it as convenient as possible, most classes will have their photo day during their normal class times with some exceptions. Photo Day Time and Date will be confirmed on the kit list.

IT’S MY FIRST TIME AND I’M FREAKING OUT! Chloe will hold an online meeting via Zoom on Monday, Sep 18 at 6.30 pm and will talk you through everything (and calm your nerves). Even if it’s not your first time, feel free to jump on to ensure you’re in the loop.

Photo Week is such a special and exciting time and is a highlight every year. We can’t wait to see every dancer shine just as they deserve. 

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask but keep in mind, a very detailed kitlist is coming your way with lots more information. Let’s get ready to sparkle!

The MSF Team.

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