Performance Day Ponytail



  • Vo5 Gel Spray – This is much stronger than regular hairspray and easier to manage than gel. The little ones who are bothered by the aerosol cans usually prefer this too as it is a pump bottle, it is much more gentle.
  • Teasing Brush or any Soft Bristle Brush -This is to smooth any bumps and get rid of wispy bits. I like the teasing brush because it is small, so it is neater and easier to manage.
  • Bobby Pins – always the same colour as your hair.
  • Good Quality Hair Ties – I love the “super grip” hair ties because they have stretch but are also strong. Again, use the same colour as your hair.
  • The Secret Half Pony – Putting your hair in a half ponytail first helps to give height and volume to thin, limp hair like mine. It is also beneficial to those with heavy hair, as it will carry some of the weight.


  1. Make sure the hair is knot and tangle-free by brushing it first. I like to work with clean, dry hair, but do what works for you.
  2. Gather half of the hair, starting from the temples, into a “half ponytail” on the top of the head by brushing the section of hair back, away from the face. Secure with a hair tie.
  3. Spray the top of the head (the pulled back bit) with Gel Spray.
  4. Use your soft bristle brush to gently smooth the hair back towards the hair tie. The idea is to remove any bumps and wispy bits.
  5. Flip head upside down and spray underneath hair.
  6. While upside down, brush the remaining hair into a high pony tail. Pulling it up to meet your original ponytail.
  7. Use a good-quality hair tie to secure your ponytail. Tie your hair tie, as many times as it will go around. It should feel tight and secure.
  8. Run a brush through the ponytail to blend the two sections together.
  9. Repeat the spray and smoothing step, this time going all the way around the head (including behind the ears and under the ponytail). Gently pushing the hair towards the ponytail.
  10. You may end up little bumps around the hair tie, use bobby pins to flatten these down. To ensure the pins are secure, use two pins in a cris-cros position, they will grip into each other.
  11. Use the bobby pins to secure any loose hair, baby hair, wispy bits etc.
  12. I like to give my hair one last spray with aerosol hairspray, all over, just for a bit of extra security. If your dancer doesn’t like the “big spray”, give it a once over the gel spray again. Let it dry.
  13. Do the shake test. Wobble your head to ensure your ponytail doesn’t come loose and feels secure.
  14. Add an MSF Bow if you’ve got one.
  15. Now, DON’T TOUCH!!! Remind your dancer not to play with their hair. 🙂
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