Three sisters, one dance school

Main St Funk is run by sisters Kristie, Carla, and Chloe.

After growing up in Epping with dance in our veins both as students and teachers, we started Main St Funk in 2007.

Our vision was to create a fun, inclusive and inspiring environment, where every student has the space to discover their best.

What started as a few Hip Hop classes in the Thomastown library (on Main St!) caught on, and our beloved dance family grew with us as we added new dance styles and learned a lot along the way.

In 2018 we took the plunge and moved back to our roots in Epping into our very own studio. It was HUGE for us! Our dance family suddenly grew, and with it our hearts, as we welcomed more young people into the fold and onto the dancefloor that we literally laid ourselves.

We weathered the storm of 2020 and 2021 along with our dancers, their families and the broader community. Out of the dust came a new perspective, clarity on what we needed to do to deliver on our vision, and renewed courage. We collectively shook our heads in disbelief as we signed on to fit out another studio.

Our new venue at Graystone Court truly is our happy place. As our students and their families gradually trickled back in after lockdown, some were tentative, some jubilant. Some burst into the space with gusto, wide-eyed and chatting, while others hovered a little longer at the door, taking in yet another change in their already muddled world. As they settle, their confidence grows, and the joy and comfort found on the new dancefloor is universal. It is home, and they are amongst friends, sharing what they love.

The MSF Kids are a team. It doesn’t matter if you are a first-timer or a dancing pro, no student is “The Star” and no one is left behind. That’s why we say there is an orange spot for everyone at Main St Funk.

It is our absolute privilege to share the joy of dance with the young people that come through our doors. For some, it’s a vocation; pursued energetically as much as their parents and schedules will allow. For others, it is a sanctuary; a place to be yourself, a place to try, to be goofy, to take up space, to BELONG.

Whatever dance means to you and your child we’d love to help you explore it at Main St Funk.

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