The MSF Spirit

It’s 2021 and we are celebrating 15 years of dance!

This year, like always, we aim to continue our legacy of being a welcoming, inclusive, FUN and vibrant dance school. We strongly believe in ensuring every student feels special and valued in our community and we hope that as each of you walk through our studio door, that not only do you experience the benefit of our big family culture but you also uphold the Main St Funk spirit by being kind, having a positive attitude and trying your very best. This standard filters right through our school, from our leading teaching team, to our younger students and even our dance parents.

If you are new to MSF, you may have signed up for our dance classes because you want your child to dance for fun, fitness, and friendships. We absolutely provide an environment for these things to flourish but please know, we also instill in each of our students a strong work ethic and we encourage our students to be dedicated and committed to dance in a way that is realistic and sustainable. We encourage our students to approach dance by putting their best foot forward, having a positive mindset and knowing that it is ok to make mistakes and to be a “work in progress.”

At Main St Funk we have found a fabulous balance where our students are consistently challenged to work to the best of their abilities and at the same time, have fun and make amazing memories along the way.

We have eliminated the pressures that are often associated with dance class by teaching a quality dance education without competitions, exam results or report cards and there is no in-house competitiveness because every student is “the star” in their own special way. We aim to encourage our students to work as a team, to applaud in each other’s acheivements and to aim to be THEIR best not THE best.

Main St Funk has made a mark in the local community because our reputation for being an all-inclusive, welcoming dance school is beyond compare. Our vision was to create an environment that felt like family but that doesn’t work without the wonderful kids and parents who share and uphold our values. So thank you, for contributing to what makes Main St Funk a dance school with a difference.

As we continue making the worlds most epic comeback, let’s hold our heads high and let the MSF spirit fly in 2021. ✨

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