CovidSafe Plan and FAQ

Hello Main St Funk Family and welcome to Term 1 2021…we are so proud and happy to be here. After everything we overcame as a community last year, here we are, with arms open wide, ready to welcome you all back into our dancing home!

We are thrilled to see so many returning dancers enrolled and equally as excited to welcome many new faces, who will begin their dancing journey with MSF this year. 

In 2021, Main St Funk turns 15 and we are so excited to celebrate on the dance floor with you all.

But, before we get our dancing shoes on, there a few things you need to note.

No, we aren’t out of the woods yet. The health and well-being of our community is priority and MSF is a covid safe studio. Enrolling, attending a class, or visiting our facility indicates that you agree to comply with our covidsafe procedures. Please ensure you read through it thoroughly so that you and your child know what to expect when attending our studio. 

The general gist of the covidsafe plan is:

  • Drop off ON TIME, dressed for class
  • Parents, don’t stay on-premise, unless your attendance is absolutely essential
  • Don’t bring anyone extra to the studio, if you can avoid it
  • Parents staying must sign in using QR code
  • Clean your hands before and after class
  • Stay away from the studio if you are unwell or have been advised to isolate.

Read the full covidsafe plan here:


As a new year of dance approaches, please see below a simple guide to all of your quick and easy questions. Of course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the MSF team if you have more questions.

When do dance classes start back?
Main St Funk runs inline with the public school terms. Term 1 begins Monday, Feb 1st and finishes Thursday, April 1.

When are fees due and how can I pay?
Fees are due in the third week of each term and are payable by electronic transfer, cash or cheque. We do not have eftpos facilities at this stage and in this post-covid environment, we do prefer electronic payment (transfer). You will receive an invoice, via email, which will list your balance and the MSF bank details for payment. Please make sure you have added to your contacts to ensure you don’t miss our emails. 

What does my child need to wear?
To start with, just wear loose comfortable clothing that is easy to move in. eg: leggings and a t-shirt. Main St Funk Does have a uniform policy in place, however, we allow the first term as a grace period to give the students time to settle in and decide on their classes and to give their parents the opportunity to source good quality and affordable options. Please read our uniform policy here:

What kind of shoes are appropriate for dance class?
For hip hop, we recommend a supportive sneaker, similar to what the kids wear on sports days at school. Eventually, you will require plain black shoes for performances however these are not compulsory for weekly classes. If enrolled in ballet or jazz, you will need to buy the correct dance shoes from a dancewear store. These are also outlined in the uniform policy linked above. 

Do we need to bring anything else to class?
Yes, every child is required to bring a water bottle to each class. Please ensure this is filled up before class starts and is clearly labelled with your child’s name. If your child requires medication, eg. Asthma Puffer, please pack that in their dancing bag each week and if they are at the studio for a big block of classes, eg. 3 hours, feel free to pack a quick, healthy snack.

Where is the studio?
Main St Funk is located at factory number 6 at 13 Lydia Court Epping. We are tucked away behind the Epping Bunnings on Cooper St.

Where do we park our car?
There is ample parking available in Lydia Court and Taryn Drive. It is street parking only and parking is not permitted inside the complex or out the front of our studio. This is out of respect for our neighbors, who have not expressed permission to use their car spaces but more importantly for the safety of our students who walk up and down the thoroughfare to and from the studio.

What time should we get to the studio?
Aim to get to the studio 5 minutes before class starts. This will give you time to park, take your child to the toilet, fill up drink bottles, change shoes if needed and will help your child settle in. Arriving rushed or late can create an anxious and stressful situation for your child and may mean they miss out on important things at the beginning of class.

Can I sit and watch my child’s class?
In general, no, we don’t allow spectators in the studio during class as we find it to be disruptive for the children and teacher. We do however believe it is important that you know what happens in an MSF dance class and for you to be assured the class is suitable for your child, so we do allow you to sit and watch your child’s first class with Main St Funk. Please refrain from talking while the class is on and remember not to take any photos or videos during class. *Please check the covidsafe plan in regards to parents at the studio as this is updated regularly.*

Why can’t I take photos or videos of my child while they are in dance class?
Main St Funk has a strict “No Photos or Videos” policy. This is in line with our child safety code of conduct and copyright laws. We understand the importance of capturing special milestones so we encourage you to take photos of your child before and after class but never during. You agreed to our policies and procedures upon enrolling in our classes. Please have another read if you need to clarify anything:

I’m not sure if my child wants to dance or what style of class they will like. Can they do a trial class?
Absolutely! Your first class with Main St Funk is always an obligation free trial. This means if they try the class and it’s not for them, you won’t be charged. We do still ask you to enrol online before your trial class. This helps us keep track of who is attending the studio and ensures you have secured a spot in your class of choice.

What happens if I or my child can’t make a class?
Main St Funk encourage full attendance where possible but understand that sometimes illness, school camp and holidays can get in the way. If you’re going to be absent, a courtesy email or text is appreciated. Please remember, missing lots of dance classes can cause stress and anxiety for the child who will need to work extra hard to catch up. Please avoid missing dance class where possible to ensure a more positive experience for your child and to help their confidence grow.

Do you offer make-up classes?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer make-up classes for missed lessons. Each of our classes are taught by different teachers and working on different lesson plans and choreography. We also find that attending a class time that is out of their ordinary routine, with a group of students they don’t know and a teacher they haven’t met, can actually end up being a stressful experience for the student and of little benefit to their progress.

Can I get a refund for missed classes?
Unfortunately, Main St Funk cannot offer a refund for occasional missed lessons. As our fees are all-inclusive, we charge the same amount per term regardless of the number of classes. In the event of an extended planned absence, i.e. a family holiday for 3 weeks or more, we can on occasion, adjust the fees. Please talk to the MSF team in advance of your planned, extended absence.

Do dance classes still run on super hot days?
Main St Funk do have a Hot Weather Policy in place. On days where the temperature is 38 degrees or above, classes will be cancelled. Students/Parents will be notified via text, email and social media at the earliest possible time. Makeup classes will be offered where possible, but refunds will not be available. On days where the temperature is 33 degrees or above, we will run modified classes appropriate for the heat. You can access the full policy here:

How do I get in touch with the MSF team if I have questions or concerns throughout the year?
You can send us an email, text or give us a call.

Remember to leave a voice message if we don’t get to the phone in time.

If you need to talk to us in person, just come up to the front desk if we are not teaching at the time. Otherwise, please call ahead to make an appropriate time to talk. Usually, your teacher will have classes either side of your child’s so they will not always be available to chat before or after your class. Please also refrain from contacting the MSF team on their personal Facebook or Instagram pages. If they are on social media, they are not at work.

E: PH: 0433220973 (Chloe)

Uh oh, the holidays got away from me and I haven’t signed up for any classes yet. Is it too late?
No, it’s not too late! Some of our classes are full but we do have lots of options still available. Enroll for your class of choice here:

Are there any important dates or events I should know about?
Yes, Main St Funk students work towards a big end of year concert! We also hold a casual mid-year performance, one compulsory rehearsal and are often invited to perform at local community events. The dates + events page on our website is updated regularly and already lists our end of year concert and rehearsal dates. Check it out to stay organized:

Still, feeling nervous?
Have a read of our article “My Baby’s First Dance Class, What do I do?” for further hints and tips. Even if you are not a first-time dance parent, there are some great tips in there:

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