Hello Dance Fam!

Finally, an email with some good news! We’ve taken a second to stop happy dancing and throwing confetti bombs to touch base with you all about our RETURN TO DANCE plan! Hooray!

In case you missed yesterday’s grand announcements, it was confirmed that dance studios like ours, will be able to re-open from Monday, November 9th. It took a few moments for the news to sink in, but then we got straight to work getting ready to throw open our doors and arms for you all in less than two weeks!

There’s still a bit to figure out, but here is how “Term 4 part 2” is shaping up:

  • This “block of classes” will run IN THE STUDIO for 6 weeks from November 9th – December 19th
  • We will have a covid safe plan in place.
    • We will need to adhere to the guidelines set out by the DHHS.
    • We are just waiting on further information to ensure we have all our ducks in a row before we release an update to the Covid safe plan we published back in July
  • There won’t be a concert or photo shoot.
    • With only 6 weeks to prepare and no certainty yet on easing of restrictions for performance venues, it’s not possible to hold a concert this year.
    • We know this may be disappointing, but it does give all us all the opportunity to ease back into dancing at our own pace, without the pressure of remembering choreography or performing in front of an audience.
    • Let’s all just relax, have fun, reconnect with our bodies and catch up with our dancing friends. While there is no concert, we do hope to make the end of year, fun, exciting and special for our dancers.
  • Fees
    • Our term fees usually include include weekly tuition, costumes, professional videography of the concerts and other theatre costs
    • We always strive to be as affordable as possible so we have a special fee structure for this block of 6 weeks, tuition only.
      • 1 hour classes: $80
      • 45 min classes: $65
      • 30 min classes: $50
    • Our normal discounts for families and students taking multiple classes will also apply:
      • Family with 2 classes: 10%
      • Family with 3 classes: 15%
      • Family with 4 classes: 20%
      • Family with 5+ classes: 25%
    • As you know 2020 has been tough for all, and as a small business who’s been closed for 7 months we have definitely felt it. You can help us by:
      • Paying your fees on-time
      • Paying early, if you’re able
      • Let us know your circumstances if you’re having trouble paying
  • Timetable & Return to Dance Survey
    • We are preparing a timetable that accommodates all of the covid safe practises required. Some classes will need to be capped (in line with government requirements) and some classes may be put on hold if numbers are low
    • Please help us plan the timetable by filling out our quick survey to let us know your dancing plans for the rest of this year.
    • We understand some circumstances have changed for some families and you may not be in a position to return to dance right now, please use this survey to touch base and let us know where you are at.
    • Lots of you filled out a similar survey back in June, please fill this one out anyway as it is slightly different and to let us know if your circumstances have changed. 
  • Enrollment
    • Enrollments will open ASAP once the timetable has been set.
    • Please note the survey is not an enrollment form, but priority re-enrollment will be given to those who fill out the survey so make sure you get your responses in quick!

For us, this has been a long time coming. The past 7 months have been gruelling. Not just from a small business standpoint but because dance and these kids are our absolute passions. For the past 14 years, we have poured our hearts and souls into dances, costumes, concerts, events, parties, photoshoots and these kids! And this year it was all, temporarily, taken away from us. 

To be honest, it still doesn’t feel real. It will feel real when we finally have our dancers back in our beautiful dancing home.

For the millionth time this year, thank you dance family for your continued support, patience, understanding and love during this terrible time. We are so thrilled to finally see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Kristie, Carla and Chloe xx


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