The Road Back to Main St Funk

Hi Dance Fam,

Well, it has been just over 8 weeks since we announced the temporary closure of MSF,  but it has felt so much longer. This week Dan Andrews announced further lifting of the restrictions for Indoor sports centers and physical recreation venues (that’s us!). Finally, the road back to dance is getting a little clearer and we are pleased to tell you we will be BACK IN THE STUDIO FOR TERM 3!

Hang in there kids!  Before we know it we will be dancing in our beautiful studios again! 

Please see our anticipated timeline and details below and remember, these are based on the latest announcements. We will keep updated and make further changes to our arrangements as per government advice.

MAY 25 – JUNE 19: Main St Funk Live Online classes will continue to run as normal via zoom. Behind the scenes the MSF team will be knuckling down, preparing for a safe return to the studio.

JUNE 22 – JUNE 26: FINAL ONLINE CLASSES TO RUN IN THE STUDIO! As a celebration of your continued commitment to dance and a thank you for your support and patience, all students who are participating in online classes will be invited to the studio to take class with your teacher in person. The timetable will run as it has been for Term 2 online and the classes will still be live-streamed via zoom for those who cannot make it to the studio or who still don’t feel comfortable doing so. *Online students only.

JUNE 29 – JULY 4: Week 1 of the school holidays! Main St Funk students will be invited to a series of “Welcome Back Workshops”. These dance classes will be FREE for all current MSF students and will be a great way to get back into the swing of coming to class, ease your body back into routine and exercise, catch up with friends and teachers and just let loose! Bookings will be essential  – stay tuned for the timetable and how to book

JULY 6 – JULY 11: We can’t wait any longer! Let’s start term 3, one week early! There are likely to be some slight adjustments to the timetable and new social distancing measures in place to ensure we are operating under the guidelines and keeping you safe. We will communicate these new arrangements with you in time and we thank you for your continued patience. We hope the changes will have minimal impact to your weekly routine.

JULY 13 – JULY 18: The official start of term 3! The kids will be back to school now and hopefully getting used to being back in a normal routine. Term 3 will finish Saturday the 19th of September and throughout this term, we will continue to adjust and adapt to be in line with the government directives and ease our restrictions as deemed appropriate.

The current restrictions include a limit of 10 students per class. We are very optimistic that this rule may change before term starts, but for now, we will need to be prepared to make a few adjustments to our timetable so that we can accommodate all of our students with minimal impact on you and your family. To help us with this task, we would really appreciate you letting us know if you intend to return to dance by filling out this quick 2 min survey.

As always, everyone at MSF is special to us and you will ALL be welcomed back with open arms. We do understand that some families’ circumstances may have changed and we hope you know that you will be welcomed back, whenever it is a possibility for you to return. Even if you will not be returning at this stage or perhaps you are undecided, please fill out the survey to let us know.



These are the policies we expect to have in place for the beginning of Term 3. Please note; these requirements are based on the latest advice and government directives announced on May 24th. We are optimistic that the guidelines will relax as we approach term 3 and we will continue to make changes and adjustments and relax the rules, as it is deemed safe and appropriate to do so. We will always keep you in the loop and make sure you are up to date.

  1. The studio floors will be marked out to ensure the 1.5m social distancing rule is adhered to.
  2. We will adhere to the required class limits. Currently, this is set at 10, but as mentioned we are hopeful it will be lifted before term 3 starts.
  3. Parents will be asked to drop off and pick up only. Waiting areas will not be available. 
  4. Parents of younger students are asked to take their child to the toilet, when they arrive at the studio, as MSF staff members will not be able to assist them.
  5. Parents of younger students who need help changing dance shoes between classes are permitted to pop back into the foyer to help them change between classes OR feel free not to change shoes. We can deal with ballet shoes in hip hop class for a few weeks if that makes things simpler for you. 
  6. All staff and students will be asked to wash or sanitize hands before entering the classroom.
  7. Anyone who is feeling unwell should not attend the studio. This includes students, parents, and staff.
  8. We will continue to minimize the use of shared items, with the exception of the barres and acro-mat which will be sanitized between classes.
  9. Teachers will limit tactile corrections where feasible. 
  10. Students will not participate in partner work or any activity that involves touching
  11. Students will be required to bring their own drink bottles to class as communal cups and glasses will not be available.
  12. Class start times will be staggered to avoid busy change over periods.
  13. MSF will maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.

We would like to thank you all, for your continued love and loyalty throughout this time, whether that be words of encouragement and support, staying engaged on social media, keeping in touch or giving our online classes a go, your presence has been felt and is the drive that keeps us keeping on!

We are so looking forward to getting back on the dance floor with all of our beautiful students. We are nearly there! As always, if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Kristie, Carla and Chloe x



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