MSF Live Online – Term 2 2020

Hi Dance Fam,

Thanks for your patience as we work to get term 2 up and running in our “new normal”

We have put a lot of thought into what arrangement would work best so that MSF kids can keep learning and progressing from home.

We would now like to introduce our “MSF Live Online” class timetable for term 2! 

How it will work

  • Classes will be delivered online via a program called Zoom
  • The MSF teachers will lead the class and students can watch, participate and interact.
  • Classes are shorter to suit the at-home format
  • The movements and steps will be tailored to a smaller space.
  • The teaching style will need to be a bit different in the new format- but we will work through it together!
  • We will work on some choreography over the course of the term, but we won’t be planning for concert routines- just practising and enjoying the skill of learning choreography
  • We know these can’t replicate the in-person classes you’re used to, but they’re designed to keep you dancing, progressing, thinking and MOVING as much as we can in these imperfect circumstances.

To participate, you will need:

  • Some clear, safe floor space to spread out, such as a lounge room. You might need to move furniture out of the way. Choose a “public” area of the house for supervision eg: not their bedroom.
  • A computer, tablet or phone, suitable for video calls. 
  • An HDMI cord is helpful to connect smaller screens to a larger tv screen or monitor.
  • A “Zoom” account in the student’s name so the teacher knows who they are admitting into the class
  • Ballet students would benefit from access to a wall, chair or kitchen bench to use as a barre
  • Your MSF uniform and a drink bottle – to get you in the right mindset for class.

Timetable and Pricing

  • The timetable and pricing is different to our usual in-studio timetable- see attached
  • We’ve designed it to enable students to take multiple classes, even if they don’t normally, as we know lots of other activities have been cancelled or scaled back.
  • Feel free to enrol in any or all classes for your age group.
  • We have made a decision not to offer acrobatics in this format, but we encourage acro students to take a ballet or jazz class to keep progressing their foundation technique
  • We have been as generous as we possibly can in discounting fees for Term 2, as we’d love to see as many MSF kids as possible enjoying dance over this time, particularly for families with multiple children.
  • We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, and there is a lot of pressure on families at the moment.
  • As a small business, we are experiencing the uncertainty first hand- there is a very real pressure to remain afloat during this time. For this reason, we respectfully ask that you ensure your fees are paid by the due date to confirm your ongoing enrolment.
  • If you’re unable to participate during this time we understand! We encourage you to keep utilizing the free practice videos and activities we’ve provided and just dance if and when and however you can.

What Next?


  • Classes will commence in Week 3 of Term, Monday, April 27.


  • Enrolment will work the same as it does for our studio classes
    • Log on to the parent portal here:
    • Enrol in any or all classes for your age group by clicking “Register for Classes”
    • We will send you an invoice which is payable via electronic transfer. MSF’s bank details will be listed on the invoice.
    • You’ll receive a unique link and password via text and email for each class
    • Log on at the right time ready to dance!
  • Fees will be due in Week 4 (May 4th – 8th), so you can use the first lesson as a trial if you’re unsure if it will work for you

  • We will run three parent/student information sessions This Thursday, April 22nd via Zoom so you can test your own tech set up at home and get to know how it will work.
    • Petites, Minis and Tinies: 4 pm
    • Littlies, Juniors, Inters: 4.45 pm
    • Teens and Seniors: 5.30 pm

We were heartbroken 4 weeks ago when we were forced to close our doors for the safety of our community. The effects this closure could have on our school could be devastating. We are thrilled to be able to provide an alternative way to teach dance classes and to continue bringing happiness into the lives of our students. With your continued support and participation, you can help your child to continue to grow through dance and to help us ensure they will have a studio to return to at the end of all this.

Dancing is our happy place and that doesn’t have to change. Just because we are in isolation doesn’t mean we have to dance alone. We are separated by distance but never by heart! 

We can’t wait to keep dancing with you and to see all of your smiling faces soon!


Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

The MSF Team (Kristie, Carla and Chloe)

Chloe: 0433220973

MSF Live - Online Video Class Timetable and Fee Structure

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