Free Online Practice Video Series

Hello Dance Fam,

Well, our school holiday break has felt like the longest ever and unfortunately, with social distancing restrictions still in place, our studio will remain closed for the time being.

Rest assured this closure is only temporary and we will re-open as soon as it is deemed safe and appropriate to do so. 

We know the MSF kids are itching to get back into dancing, and we believe staying active and continuing your child’s development through dance is essential for their health and wellbeing. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this tricky time. We are working on some plans to continue classes from a distance in term 2 and will be back with more updates on that very soon.

For now, we are pleased to provide you with a series of FREE practice videos.

These videos were filmed in class and are intended for you to follow along by copying the movements on the screen. Whilst it is no replacement for your usual, interactive classes  (when a teacher verbally explains and corrects), they are a great way to keep your child moving and grooving whilst in isolation.

A big shout-out and thank you to our students, assistant teachers, and teachers who helped us film these videos. We put you on the spot and as always you stepped up and shone bright, making us proud every dance step along the way.

Here a few tips before you get dancing…

  • Start with your own age group and style and then branch out to a new genre of dance or the next age group up to give you a challenge
  • The suitable age groups are listed in the description of each “showcase”
  • Book mark each link, so they are easier to find each time your child wants to dance.
  • Make sure there is lots of space around you and the floor is clear from tripping hazards. Push furniture back if need be.
  • Have a water bottle close by
  • Set the video up on a tv or large PC screen so you can see the movements clearly
  • Watch each exercise once or twice before you give it a go
  • HINT: Wear your dance class uniform and shoes to help you feel like a dancer and to switch your brain and body into “dance class mode”
  • Take photos and videos. Upload and tag @mainstfunk #msfathome because we miss seeing you all dance so much and we would love to see your progress
  • Feel free to get family members involved for extra fun!

And lastly, remember this is about enjoyment and keeping active. Work hard but allow yourself to make mistakes and remember that you are still learning!

Click the links below and enter the password “msfathome”

BALLET 1 (Petites, Minis, Tinies):
BALLET 2 (Tinies, Littlies, Junior):
BALLET 3 (Junior-Senior):

JAZZ 1 (Tinies, Littlies, Junior):
JAZZ 2 (Junior-Senior):

HIP HOP 1 (Petites, Minis, Tinies):
HIP HOP 2 (Littlies, Juniors, Inters):

ACRO (Suitable for Tinies and older):

We hope you enjoy these practice videos and our Active April challenges.

We have always said “Dancing is our happy place” and with the studio temporarily closed, that doesn’t have to change. 

Stay in touch and remember to keep smiling!

Chat soon,
The MSF Team x

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