A Letter to The MSF Kids

To you, our dance student,

The little one with the big heart,
The grown-up one, independent and smart,
The big kid who is friends with everyone,
You who takes things seriously and you who’s always having fun.
To all who are filled with confidence and to those who are a little bit shy,
To every beautiful ballerina and every cool hip hop guy…

We want to say we’re sorry, we know you feel let down.
We know your heart feels broken and you can’t help but frown.

The world around you is changing and you keep on hearing “NO”,
No hugs, no hi-5s, no special trips and now another blow, 

Unfortunately, for a little while, there will be no dance,
But we want you to know, we would dance with you every day if we had the chance.

You are not being punished, this is not about you.
It’s about keeping the people around you safe, healthy, happy and you too.

Did you know you are a superhero and the world is yours to save?
Making this sacrifice shows that you are clever, selfless and brave. 

By not coming to dance class and other special places,
You are helping doctors, nurses and Australia’s leaders to put smiles back on people’s faces.

As you adapt to all of the changes and learning all of the new,
We urge you not to forget all of the special things that make you, YOU!

Don’t forget about your dancing friends, you won’t see them in a while.
Give them a call or draw them a picture, this will make them smile.

Don’t forget music and how it makes you feel,
Don’t forget to have fun, to laugh, run around and giggle and squeal.

Don’t forget sunshine and to get some fresh air,
Don’t forget to show the people around you that you care.

Don’t forget what it feels like to be a real friend,
To hug tight, hi-5 and hold hands til’ the end.

Don’t forget about movies and how exciting it is to go,
And don’t forget about exploring and discovering things that you don’t already know.

Don’t forget about your passions whether it be singing, swimming or sport,
Keep them up another way like researching, reading or watching videos of the sort.

Please don’t forget about dance and how it brings you so much joy.
You don’t need a studio to just move and groove and fill that void. 

We want you to keep dancing, that will always be true,
Just for a little while, we can’t dance with you. 

But, don’t forget about your dance teachers, they miss you so so much.
They are not away on holiday or having fun without you or resting as such.

Their whole life revolves around their dancing lessons and they will miss the studio too.
And right now they are feeling sad and a little lost without you.

And don’t forget your orange spot and all it represents,
You are a part of something special, a team, a  family and you will always have an important presence. 

And remember, just as the sun says to the moon,
This is not “goodbye”, this is “see you soon!”

Dancing will be back, that much we know.
But until then we hope you stay happy, healthy and continue to grow!

You are a special person because you are one of us,
Once an MSF kid, always an MSF kid, that much you can trust.

From your dance teachers at Main St Funk.

Written By Chloe Jobson – Co-Principal at MSF.

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