February 2019

2019 is off to a flying start, we can already tell this is going to be a fabulous year. We would like to extend a huge welcome to the many new students and families we have met so far and a big welcome back to our loyal and committed returning students. We are so lucky to have you all.

What’s New?

  • We welcome Teen student Keira Mifsud, who has been dancing with Main St Funk since 2012, on board as an assistant teacher. Keira has always demonstrated a fabulous work ethic, a positive attitude and a genuine passion for dance and she makes a great role model for our younger students. Welcome, Keira!

Performance Opportunities

Main St Funk has been invited to perform at TWO upcoming events in the community; The City of Whittlesea Community Festival and the Aurora Lendlease Meet and Greet. These are a great opportunity for MSF students to practice performing in front of an encouraging crowd in a relaxed and fun environment. It is also a great way to bond with your new classmates and to be involved with the extended community. Who can perform? ALL Main St Funk students are invited to perform at these events and we would love as many MSF kids involved as possible. Please see more details about the events here:https://goo.gl/forms/3UrqfDPUJkIhzzH72 This is also where you can let us know if you will be attending or not.

Medical Records

At Main St Funk we aim to look out for every child and cater our classes to ensure they are a positive and safe experience for all involved. If your child has a medical condition or takes medication, please get in touch with the MSF team so that we can discuss what we can do for your child. Other things you may like to let us know about are learning difficulties, injuries or any personal or family situations that you feel may affect the way your child learns or behaves in class.

Street Parking

Thank you to everyone who has kindly respected our ‘Street Parking Only’ rule. We have seen a significant improvement since last year. We ask parents to park in the street to ensure the safety of our students walking up and down the thoroughfare and to maintain a good relationship with our neighbours, who require access to their spots at all times. The three car parks out the front of our studio are for MSF staff only. Thank you again!


Main St Funk has in place a set of uniform guidelines. Please start ensuring you/your child start coming to class dressed in accordance with these. A uniform promotes a sense of unity and teamwork and helps students get into the right mindset for dance class (dress like a dancer, feel like a dancer) and it helps the teacher see the student’s body line, ensuring they can correct technique and prevent injuries.

Friendly Reminders

  • Term fees are now due. Please settle your balance online or by placing cash in a clearly labelled envelope and handing it to your class teacher
  • Please take your child to the toilet before class
  • Don’t forget to pack a water bottle for every class

Important Dates (Concert and Rehearsal Reminder)

We are pleased to have locked in The Magis Theatre Loyola College (Watsonia) once again for our end of year performance and compulsory theatre rehearsal.  This year we will hold two concerts and two rehearsals. The school will be split into two casts – so each class will only perform in one concert ( and will be required for one rehearsal).  We will split the school later in the year when everyone has settled into their classes so please pencil in both concert dates and both rehearsal dates for now before we confirm which cast your child will be in. Senior and Teen students, you will perform in BOTH concerts. Petites will not perform in the concerts.

COMPULSORY THEATRE REHEARSAL: The rehearsal is the one and only compulsory event we run throughout the year and attendance is mandatory for all students who wish to participate at the end of year concert.

CAST 1: Wednesday 20th of November

CAST 2: Thursday 21st of November


CAST 1: Friday 29th of November

CAST 2: Saturday 30th of November

Our important dates page and google calendar are updated throughout the year to include things like; term dates, performance opportunities and mid-year concert. Check it out and sync your google calendar to ours so you never miss a reminder: https://mainstfunk.com/dates-events/

Social Media
Make sure you are following Main St Funk on Facebook and Instagram. We love to post daily to give you reminders, inspiration, a sneak peek into our classes and to stay connected with our dancing family.



Thank you for a great start to 2019! We are so inspired by the way our students have jumped into class and we love seeing all of your happy and smiling faces in the studio.

Please don’t ever hesitate to contact the MSF team should you have any questions.
E: mainstfunk@gmail.com PH: 0433220973

Kristie, Carla and Chloe. x