October 2018

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to term 4, the most exciting time of the year in the dance world! We can’t wait for all of the exciting things we have lined up for our hardworking and gorgeous students.


  • Please check the kit list for day and time for your child’s class.
  • If your child does multiple classes, ensure you check ALL classes that your child attends
  • Mini and Tiny parents please stay with your child on photo day to assist with dressing your child.
  • Junior, Inter and Senior parents are not required on photo day. There will not be enough space at the studio to fit you all and it is great practice for the students as we do not have parents backstage on concert day.
  • Pick up times are approximate.
  • Students must arrive to photo day and concert day with their hair and makeup done.



  • Makeup for photo day is optional and at the discretion of parents and students
  • Stage make up is compulsory for all students (including boys!) on concert day. The purpose of stage makeup is to highlight the performers’ natural features. Professional stage lighting blurs out our features on stage and on the DVD footage. It is important to wear makeup so that the audience can see your face. This means in person, your make up will appear quite “full on” but on stage it will appear natural.
  • GIRLS: Liquid foundation (usually a little darker than day wear), setting powder, red blush along the apples of the cheek, eyebrow pencil, brown eyeshadow on eyelid, white eyeshadow under eyebrows, eyeliner on top eyelid with a wing/flick, no eyeliner under eyes, mascara (or false lashes if preferred), bright red lip liner, bright red lipstick.
  • NATURAL TONES ONLY. Please no blue, purple or glitter. Thank you.
  • Here is a great tutorial put together by past MSF student and make up artist Anna Papa:https://youtu.be/3Sz-NWTgumI
  • BOYS: An earthy (not metallic/glittery) bronzer or powder all over face. Mascara. Eyeliner- no wing, a light pink blush along cheekbones, a smudge of red lipstick. (use your finger, do not apply the way mum would for a night out.)


  • Styling your hair for a performance is much different to styling your hair for school or a day out. Hair should not be left limp or natural. All students require lots of product (eg; gel, hairspray, moose) as well as bobby pins/hair pins.
  • Buns require hair nets.
  • Hair ties and hair pins must be the same colour as your hair
  • ALL MINI + TINY STUDENTS + JUNIOR BALLET students require two “pigtail buns” at the top of the head.
  • ALL JUNIOR HIP HOP + JUNIOR JAZZ students require hair to be slicked back into a tight high ponytail. Hair must be straightened to ensure neatness and uniformity.
  • ALL INTER STUDENTS require two slick braids.
  • ALL SENIOR STUDENTS require a half ponytail with styled curls.
  • ALL BOYS: Funky styled hair with gel


  • Please refer to your kit list and ensure that your child has packed ALL ITEMS listed for their class.
  • We also encourage packing spare items where possible to allow for accidents etc.
  • The items on your kit list are the “base” of your outfit.
  • We provide the costume items (the glitz and glam!)
  • The costumes will be distributed to you on photo day. After that they are your responsibility and you are to bring them on concert day.
  • Please do not let your child wear or play with their costume.
  • You will bear the cost of any lost or damaged costume items that need to be replaced.
  • Some costume items are yours to keep after the concert, others will need to be returned to us on concert day. This will be made clearer when you receive them.

As you know, Main St Funk do not charge a large costume fee. A tiny portion of your class fee goes towards our costume budget. To have costumes “made to measure” is very expensive. Therefore our team creatively source and make the costumes ourselves. This means that when you receive your costume, it may not be your exact ideal size. We use clever tricks of the trade to ensure it fits you and looks suitable for a photo shoot and a performance. We work very hard to make sure you will look and feel great on stage. Each one of your costumes is carefully considered before it is allocated to you and takes months of hard work. We thank you for your patience and understanding.


All junior, inter and senior students are required for both concerts. Participating in both shows is compulsory and students will not be dismissed to their parents until after the second show; approx 7pm.

If you are unsure what is required of your child please ask.

We can’t wait to see you all sparkle in front of the camera and on stage! Stay tuned for some exciting and fun performance opportunities coming your way!

Kristie, Carla + Chloe xx

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