Yes, you read that correctly, it’s August already!

To those of you who have just joined the MSF family this term, welcome! To everyone else, welcome back! We trust you have had a wonderful mid-year break and have settled back into your classes for Term 3. We can’t believe we are so far into the year already, before we know it it will be concert day for which preparations are well and truly underway.

Change of Plans!

Due to a performance being held by Lalor Secondary College, Main St Funk will not have access to the drama centre on Wednesday the 30th of August and Friday the 1st of September.

All classes will be condensed and held in the gym. While unfortunately some classes will be cancelled, it is a great opportunity to bring groups together to start rehearsing our finale and opening routines! Please note where your class time has changed.


4.15-4.45pm Wednesday Mini Ballet

4.45-5.15pm Wednesday Mini Hip Hop

5.15-6.00pm Intermediate Ballet/Contemporary

6.00-6.30pm Junior C Hip Hop

6.30-8.30pm Opening Rehearsal. All Junior A hip hop, Intermediate hip hop and Senior hip hop students required.

*Jazz classes will not run.


4.30-5.30pm Finale Rehearsal. Beginner jazz, Junior B Hip Hop and Junior Ballet Students required.

5.30-6.00pm Friday Mini Ballet

6.00-6.30pm Friday Mini Hip Hop

6.30-7.30pm Senior Ballet/Contemporary and Finale Rehearsal

7.30-8.30pm Senior Hip Hop

*Dance With Me will not run.

Dates for your Diary.

Please make a note of these upcoming dates and events and keep checking our website for updates. Exact times to be confirmed closer to the date.



There will be no classes this week, only photos. Students are required to arrive with their hair done and make up on (see below). They will then participate in a professional photo-shoot in their costumes. These photos will be available for purchase at the performance. Please note what day your group is required. Arrival times to be advised.

  • FRIDAY 27th OCTOBER: Fri. Mini Hip Hop, Fri Mini Ballet, Junior Ballet/Contemporary, Senior Hip Hop, Beginner Jazz, Junior B Hip Hop, Senior Ballet/Contemporary.
  • WEDNESDAY 1st NOVEMBER: Wed. Mini Hip Hop, Wed. Mini Ballet, Inter Jazz, Crew, Senior Jazz, Junior A Hip Hop, Inter Ballet/Contemporary, Inter Hip Hop.


These are completely optional but highly encouraged as they are great practice for the end of year show and always lots of fun.

  • St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Primary School Fete: Sunday November 19th


This rehearsal is compulsory for all students who wish to participate at the end of year concert. It is held at our performance venue, Planetshakers Theatre in Lower Plenty and is a chance for the students to familiarize themselves with the theatre and the stage.

  • Sunday November 26th, in the afternoon/evening. Time TBC


To be held at Planet Shakers. The show will start at approximately 4pm however all students will need to be available during the day.

  • Sunday December 3rd

Concert Day and Photo Day Requirements.

Whilst the MSF team are working hard at organizing your costumes, we ask that you start to organize these items in time for photo day.

  • Main St Funk T-shirt (2016 edition)
  • Plain black (with black laces) hi-top sneakers and black socks (for hip hop)
  • Hair needs to be pulled back into two tight braids. See tutorial here: (not required for minis or seniors).
  • Minis to wear hair in two high pig tails.
  • Seniors to wear in a slicked, high, half pony. The rest of the hair in styled curls.
  • Stage make up is required. No blue eyeshadow, neutral tones only. See tutorial here:
  • Black jazz shoes (jazz students)
  • Pink ballet shoes (ballet/contemporary students)
  • Flesh pink ballet tights (ballet/contemporary students)
  • Sheer pantyhose or tan jazz tights (jazz and hip hop students)
  • Nude coloured underwear.
  • Black bike shorts/bloomers.
  • Nude coloured bra (or crop top with shoe string straps for younger students).

For Sale

If you wish to purchase any of the following items, please see one of The MSF Team before or after class or shoot us an email.

  • Main St Funk T-shirt 2016 edition
  • MSF Hoodies
  • Main St Funk “Retro” t-shirt (2011 + 2013 editions)
  • Mid Year RAW Showcase DVD
  • Plain black hi-top sneakers (mini sizes only)


  • All MSF students are asked to adhere to our uniform guidelines outlined on our website. If you are still unsure of what is required please feel free to check with your teachers.
  • Students are asked to go to the toilet before class to limit distractions.
  • Remember your drink bottles! Even in winter, we have to stay hydrated while we exercise.
  • Term 3 fees are now overdue and are payable by cash, cheque or direct deposit.
  • Term 4 fees are due October 27th but families are welcome to start paying installments.

Lastly, attendance and punctuality is a huge priority at Main St Funk. Please do your best to be at class and on time. Please think of your dance class the same way you think of your sporting team. You would not expect to play in the match if you did not show up to training. The MSF Kids are team players!!

Keep up the good work and the even better dancing kids!

The MSF Team. xx


Dance Off Challenge 2017